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New Residents are Fuelling New York City’s Revival



New Residents are Fuelling New York City's Revival

More people left New York City than any other major city in the U.S. during the first 12 months of the pandemic, with most people migrating out.

As per data from the United States Postal Service’s change-of-address records, at least 160,000 households left between March 2020 and February 2021.

Manhattan had the most significant rate of migration during that period. Many New York City families relocated to the suburbs.

The outflow from many New York City neighborhoods has now stopped. According to city data, more people moved-in into Manhattan during and after the pandemic than ever before.

Rob Warnock, a senior researcher at Apartment List, said, “New York City had one of the largest declines during the initial period of the epidemic and one of the fastest recoveries.”

In the second year of the pandemic, evidence suggests that migration into Manhattan surged as property prices in the suburbs skyrocketed, and companies reopened.

Moving Tips for the Big Apple

It doesn’t come cheap

Finding an apartment in NYC won’t come cheap, and almost all landlords require the first & last month’s rent and a security deposit (the equivalent of one month’s rent) upfront.

The average rent for a two-bedroom flat in a decent neighborhood is $5,000 per month, which means you need to fork over $15,000 just to move into an apartment which includes a non-negotiable $5,000 broker fee).

Be ready for broker fees

Brokerage fees are very important, and no one knows this more than New Yorkers. First-time movers to New York City are typically shocked by this.

Broker fees are a controversial aspect of the real estate process in New York City.

Ultimately, you’ll need to provide the broker either one month’s rent or 15% of your yearly net rent. If the unit costs $5,000, the broker charge is also $5,000.

Downsize your stuff

If you’re from a bigger house in the South or Midwest, your New York City apartment could be downright claustrophobic.

Unless you are a master minimalist, you probably won’t be able to fit all of your belongings.

Either drastically downsize your possessions or include the cost of storage space in your regular expenses.

In the minds of many, if something isn’t absolutely necessary in the home, it’s not worth having.

Tedious application process

The application process is not just highly personalized, but it also varies from broker to broker.

Some brokers want two years of tax returns, three pay stubs, an employment letter, a letter from a previous landlord, a snapshot of savings/checking account balances, and a certified letter from a CPA when applying. Why?

This is because the typical landlord in New York will need you to have an annual income that is 40 times the amount of your monthly rent.

To figure it out, multiply your monthly rent by 40. For a $5,000 monthly rent, the annual income should be $200,000 ($5,000 x 40).

Few Own Cars

According to the U.S. Census data, approximately 56% of families in New York do not own a car, which may be a good thing financially.

Having a vehicle in New York is usually quite inconvenient. You’ll have difficulty finding free parking in most areas, including Manhattan and the denser sections of the other four boroughs.

Good luck moving on your own.

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