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Airbnb Listings Cannot Have Indoor Security Cameras

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Airbnb Listings Cannot Have Indoor Security Cameras

(CTN News) – Airbnb announced on Monday that all of its properties would be prohibited from using indoor security cameras. Up until now, Airbnb has allowed hosts to install indoor security cameras in common areas like hallways and living rooms as long as they disclose them on their listing page and do not place them in bathrooms or sleeping areas.

A blog post by the company stated that it is banning indoor security cameras, regardless of their location, purpose, or prior disclosure.

As a result of numerous reports of guests discovering hidden cameras in their rentals, Airbnb believes that only a smaller subset of listings will be affected by the update, and that most listings on its platform do not report having an indoor security camera. Hidden cameras will not be eliminated by the update, as it targets hosts who abide by the rules.

Additionally, Airbnb has introduced new rules regarding outdoor security cameras and noise-decibel monitors. Before guests book, hosts will be required to disclose the location and presence of outdoor cameras.

An outdoor camera cannot be used by the host to monitor indoor spaces or placed in a private outdoor area such as an enclosed outdoor shower or sauna.

It is also necessary for hosts to disclose the use of noise-decibel monitors in common areas of their listings to determine if there is a prohibited party taking place. A permanent ban on parties was imposed by Airbnb on all its listings in 2020.

“Our goal was to create new, clear rules that would provide our community with greater clarity about what to expect on Airbnb,” commented Juniper Downs, Airbnb’s head of community policy and partnerships.

In order to ensure our policies work for our global community, we have consulted with our guests, hosts and privacy experts. We will continue to seek feedback in order to make sure these changes are beneficial to everyone.”

As of April 30, the new policy will be in effect. When a host violates the new rules and a guest reports that a camera is present in their room, Airbnb may removethe listing or account from its platform if the host violates the new rules in this way.


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