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What If LinkedIn Became The Dating Hub For Gen Z?



What If LinkedIn Became The Dating Hub For Gen Z?

(CTN News) – In an unexpected twist, recent reports suggest that members of Generation Z are using LinkedIn, a renowned professional networking platform, to find a suitable partner.

The trend, although it raises eyebrows, sheds light on a modern approach to finding love in a fast-paced digital environment.

According to one LinkedIn user,

Samuela John, she uses the platform to find a partner who is financially and professionally stable. In spite of the fact that she does not intend to find a “sugar daddy,” she believes that LinkedIn provides a unique opportunity to evaluate the work history, education, and career goals of potential romantic partners in order to determine their compatibility.

Professor Dustin Kidd of Temple University argues that this phenomenon is part of a broader tradition of ‘dating hacks’ in which individuals repurpose online tools designed for different purposes to find romantic partners.

It is Kidd’s contention that direct messaging features, often referred to as ‘DMs’, are crucial to the success of this trend.

For romantic pursuits, LinkedIn offers a more authentic perspective, going beyond the curated profiles featured on traditional dating apps. Users can gain insight into a potential partner’s true personality by reviewing their professional achievements on the platform.

Despite not being scientifically rigorous, a recent survey involving over 1,000 female LinkedIn users in the US indicated that 91% of respondents had received romantic or inappropriate messages. In light of this statistic, it is apparent that LinkedIn is increasingly being used for purposes other than professional networking.

A LinkedIn user named Timothy Tart has outlined seven reasons why people are using the platform for romantic connections.

In addition, profiles are perceived as honest, vetting is easy, there is a large dating pool, there are no fake profiles, professional connections can be obtained if a relationship does not work out, users are believed to be serious and committed, and success is shared.

Others view LinkedIn’s unconventional use as a dating platform as a method of establishing more genuine connections as an alternative to the repetitive prompts associated with traditional dating apps, despite some arguing that it reflects a sense of disconnection in the digital age.

Reports suggest may provide users with a sense of community that has been lost due to remote working. In spite of LinkedIn being a digital platform, users may feel a sense of community similar to real-life workplace interactions.


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