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What Can You Expect At NVIDIA’s Biggest Conference Ever?

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What Can You Expect At NVIDIA's Biggest Conference Ever?

(CTN News) – Nvidia (NVDA) is in the middle of a hot streak. The stock price of the AI darling has risen 267% over the past 12 months and 79% for the year as a whole.

The company’s graphics cards are coveted by companies around the world, and CEO Jensen Huang is as sought after as some foreign heads of state.

He will also kick off Nvidia’s annual GTC conference with a two-hour keynote at the SAP Center in San Jose, Calif., laying out the company’s plans for the year ahead. In the past, Nvidia has used the show to launch some of its most prominent products.

In 2022, the company unveiled its Hopper graphics architecture and H100 graphics processing unit, which have since become the industry standard for training and deploying AI models.

The company is widely expected to debut Hopper and the successors to the H100 this year, launching a new wave of interest in its products.

Using the new architecture, code-named Blackwell, and GPU, code-named B100, OpenAI’s GPT-3 is expected to perform much better.

The B100 is not exactly a secret from Nvidia.

As part of the Supercomputer 2023 conference, the company displayed a slide that summarized the GPU’s potential compared to the H100 and H200 cards.

Additionally, Nvidia will likely show attendees and viewers the latest advancements in its CUDA software in addition to the Blackwell architecture.

This platform, which enables programmers to utilize the processing capabilities of a GPU for artificial intelligence and other applications, is an integral component of Nvidia’s enterprise strategy and helps lock in developers who use  software, virtually ensuring they will continue to work with products in the future.

Additionally, Nvidia may announce that it will begin producing its H20 AI chip for the Chinese market. According to Reuters, the chip is intended to complement more powerful H100 and H200 chips.

Currently, Nvidia is prohibited from selling these chips to Chinese customers for fear that the Chinese military and government would use them to develop advanced artificial intelligence applications to compete with those developed in the United States.


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