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“OpenAI’s Figure 1”, An Innovative Humanoid Robot, Is Revealed

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"OpenAI's Figure 1", An Innovative Humanoid Robot, Is Revealed

(CTN News) – As part of its collaboration with Figure, an AI robotics startup, OpenAI has released updated footage of the fusion between humanoid robots and ChatGPT, known as Figure 1.

It is not hard to imagine a scenario where billions of humanoid robots will be integrated into both workplaces and households, in order to perform the tasks that humans may, due to a scarcity of workers, be reluctant to do due to a lack of availability of workers.

It is envisaged that a humanoid robot, such as OpenAI Figure 01, describes its surroundings in a manner that is reminiscent of that of a human, describing items such as a red apple on a plate, cups on a drying rack, and even the hand of a person standing nearby on a nearby table with their hand resting on it.

Figure 01 quickly hands the apple to the human after they request something to eat, in OpenAI response to their request for something to eat. Thereafter, the human will introduce some litter into the environment and instruct the robot to explain its actions as well as to clean up the trash as a result of the human introducing some litter into the environment.

As the robot processes the instructions, there is a slight delay in the execution of the command, but the robot executes it flawlessly, demonstrating its ability to both comprehend and carry out tasks in a timely manner.

There are various clips in the movie showing the robot answering questions, engaging in reasoning, as well as demonstrating its physical capabilities, such as handing an apple to the viewer.

As per the company’s claims, the robot is capable of a wide range of performance that is similar to that of a human being. The application can be used to support a critical argument, clarify a statement, engage in a discussion, and recall past events.

It is worth noting that OpenAI tools are going through rapid developments, with investors vying to invest in OpenAI -related ventures, so it is worth taking note of these developments.

A humanoid robot, nicknamed ‘Optimus,’ has also been developed by Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and SpaceX. This robot can perform a wide range of tasks that factory workers usually carry out on a daily basis.

In spite of this, a US report has warned that OpenAI can pose a serious threat, in terms of both the development of nuclear weapons and the extinction of the human race as a result.

Several policy measures are recommended in the report in regards to the training and development of artificial intelligence tools up to a certain level.


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