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Twitter Users Will be able to Appeal Account Suspensions from Feb 1



Twitter Users Will be able to Appeal Account Suspensions from Feb 1

(CTN News) – Beginning on February 1, Twitter users can contest account bans and will be subject to the new reinstatement standards set out by the social media site.

Twitter accounts will only be terminated under the new guidelines, which came after billionaire Elon Musk bought the firm in October, for serious or persistent infractions of the platform’s rules.

Severe policy breaches include, among other things, participating in unlawful material or behavior, threatening or instigating damage or violence, and harassing other users specifically.

In place of suspending accounts, Twitter said it would now impose less harsh measures, such as restricting the audience of messages against company regulations or requiring users to delete tweets before using the account again.

In response to a dispute over releasing open data on the billionaire’s jet, Musk was criticized for banning the accounts of many journalists in December. He subsequently restored the accounts.

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