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Twitter Users Will No Longer Be Able To Block Each Other

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Twitter Users Will No Longer Be Able To Block Each Other

(CTN News) – Currently, Twitter (aka X) is going through a downward trend under the guidance of Elon Musk, who is removing innocuous features that he does not approve of.

As Musk aims to eliminate the option of blocking users on the platform, except for direct messages (DMs), he intends to do so completely.

He believes that blocking someone doesn’t make any sense in comparison to muting them, which is why he decided to keep the mute feature in place. Earlier in the year, he had stated that he intended to remove the block option from his website.

Many commenters have pointed out how Musk has frequently used the block feature himself over the years, demonstrating his proficiency in this area.

Several people have used the block function to protect themselves against harassment, which has played a vital role in ensuring their safety on the platform. It would mean that users will be forced to face more unwanted content in their feeds and notifications as a result of removing it.

As a matter of fact, as many media outlets have noted, there are some users who use blocking to screen out ads and brands they prefer not to see.

As this practice becomes more widespread, it could potentially have a significant impact on the financial performance of  Twitter X if it becomes widespread.

A number of third-party apps suffered disruptions as a result of the sudden discontinuation of X’s free API earlier this year.

A year ago, the platform was known as Twitter and the platform supported third-party apps to help users combat harassment on the platform when it was known as Twitter.

It is worth noting that among these solutions, Block Party has severed ties with Twitter following the API changes that were implemented.

Additionally, Musk has announced his intention to eliminate Twitter Light Mode on X and to make Dark Mode a mandatory feature for all users, claiming it is superior in every aspect to Light Mode on X.

It was, however, due to strong opposition that he ultimately decided not to pursue this change in order to avoid further controversy.


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