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FDA Calls for New Regulatory Framework for the Use Of Cannabis Compound CBD



FDA Calls for New Regulatory Framework for the Use Of Cannabis Compound CBD

(CTN News) – The popular cannabis ingredient CBD is often used in foods and supplements, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration stated on Thursday that it does not expect to provide any new recommendations. Instead, it said that a new regulatory framework must be created in the country to assure its safe usage.

A new, cross-agency regulatory structure would be created, the health regulator promised, in collaboration with Congress. The FDA rejected three citizen petitions that asked the organization for advice.

Based on data and research it has examined and completed, the FDA said that the existing safety requirements for dietary supplements or food additives are inappropriate for cannabidiol.

FDA Principal Deputy Commissioner Janet Woodcock said, “We have not found appropriate data to indicate how much CBD may be ingested and for how long before producing damage.”

A non-psychoactive substance obtained from cannabis is cannabidiol. Several safety issues, including possible injury to the liver and the male reproductive system, have been brought up by long-term usage of the substance.

Concerning CBD, the FDA has traditionally followed a restricted enforcement strategy, concentrating mostly on food and beverage items that make unproven health claims.

The FDA said that it did not plan to issue new regulations authorizing the use of the drug in animal food and that the evidence supplied did not demonstrate how CBD products could fulfill the safety criteria for compounds in animal food.

According to the FDA, “a new regulatory approach for CBD is required that strikes a balance between people’s desire for access to CBD products and the regulatory control needed to limit hazards.”

Although certain states permit its usage, cannabis products are banned at the federal level in the United States, except for the epileptic medication Epidiolex from Jazz Pharmaceuticals Plc (JAZZ.O).

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