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Fox-Owned ‘Tubi’ Reaches 64M Monthly Active Users



(CTN NEWS) – Fox revealed that Tubi, its free, ad-supported streaming TV service, has attained 64 million monthly active users. In May 2022, when Tubi had 51 million subscribers, the business last disclosed its subscriber numbers.

In 2020, Fox acquired Tubi, which had 25 million active monthly users.

Recent quarterly earnings from Fox revealed a notable increase in Tubi viewership. With more than 5 billion hours streamed in 2022, its viewing time increased by 44% yearly, with an agreement with Warner Bros.

With Discovery and access to more than 2,000 hours of WB-branded content, Tubi’s viewership will probably rise even more.

With more than 50,000 titles and more than 200 live TV channels, Tubi asserts to have the largest free streaming video library.

Image Credits: Tubi

Together with Fox’s yearly study report, “The Stream: 2023 Actionable Insights for Marketers,” which reveals a rise in demand for less expensive ad-supported plans, the most recent monthly active user statistic was released.

According to the business, one in three American users will stream AVOD by 2024. (ad-supported video-on-demand). This is probably because the costs of subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) providers have increased.

The most recent SVOD providers to introduce advertising levels were Netflix and Disney+.

According to Fox, AVOD growth would rise by 9% in 2023 and 24% from 2022 to 2026. According to the corporation, SVOD growth will continue to be “pretty flat.”

According to Mark Rotblat, chief revenue officer at Tubi, “as subscription costs continue to grow, roughly one in three streamers plan to curtail spending on streaming services this year.”

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According to the survey, one in five AVOD customers watched content on Tubi throughout the previous year.

It’s not difficult to understand why AVOD services, especially free ones, are gaining popularity as they offer similar experiences to cable but without commitment or high costs.

According to 63% of study participants, the appeal of free AVOD services is that they frequently offer more freedom and a more personalized viewing experience than cable and satellite TV.

Additionally, 45% of those surveyed stated they value streaming services with fewer advertisements. Between four and six minutes of advertising each hour, Tubi reportedly boasts one of the lowest ad loads among AVOD services.

In contrast to regular TV, which has ad breaks of roughly nine or ten minutes, less than one in five Tubi users are still dissatisfied with the duration of Tubi’s commercial breaks.

Comparatively, Peacock maintains an ad load of five minutes every hour. Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+ all aim at four minutes.


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