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Twitter To Charge Users For SMS-Based 2-Factor Authentication



Twitter To Charge Users For SMS-Based Two-Factor Authentication

(CTN NEWS) – Users who utilize text messages for two-factor authentication on Twitter will no longer have that extra protection after March 20 unless they switch to another method or subscribe to the platform’s paid service.

Two-factor authentication enables users to keep their accounts secure even if their password has been compromised.

After entering their password and a code they get through text message or an authenticator app, users who have enabled this security method can access their accounts. A security key may also be employed.

In a blog post, the business stated that unless users are Twitter Blue members, their accounts will no longer be able to enroll in the text message/SMS mode of 2FA.

“To be clear, users do not need to use two-factor authentication to log in, but we strongly recommend doing so. This modification limits the 2FA options for accounts, not Twitter Blue subscribers.”

On Friday, Twitter Help tweeted. The platform’s membership service, Twitter Blue, costs $8 per month via the web or $11 per month via a mobile device.

In the account settings, Twitter users can modify their two-factor authentication app. Users have three options for two-factor authentication provided once they choose “security and account access.”

Hours after Platformer Zo Schiffer tweeted that the social network planned to make this adjustment, company made its statement.

It’s yet another illustration of how Twt is attempting to persuade users to sign up for Twitter Blue in light of advertisers’ cuts following billionaire Elon Musk’s $44 billion business acquisition last year.

According to a study from The Information published earlier this month, Twt has just about 180,000 American customers, which suggests that the service is not very well-liked by platform users.

By providing a desired blue checkmark, longer tweets, and other features, the company has attempted to increase the number of subscribers.

The modification also occurs due to increased scrutiny and whistleblower accusations that Twitter isn’t doing enough to protect users’ security.

Twitter users expressed dissatisfaction with the two-factor authentication process last year, and the company responded by promising to look into any instances when SMS codes weren’t delivered.

Twitter stated in a blog post that text message two-factor authentication had been “used – and exploited” by bad actors.

A hacker has attempted to access codes provided via text message by moving a person’s phone number to another device. This technique is known as SIM switching.

According to the company, users who disable text message 2FA can update their phone number in the account settings instead of having it instantly disconnected.


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