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The Overwatch 2 Free-To-Play Nightmare Is Growing

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The Overwatch 2 Free-To-Play Nightmare Is Growing

(CTN News) _ With Overwatch 2 just a week away, Blizzard spilled more details on what’s new in the free-to-play sequel.

While returning players will have access to all returning heroes, new players will have to play about 100 matches to get them all. It’s worth fighting for, for sure.

An in-depth look at the “first time user experience (FTUE)” for Overwatch’s long-awaited sequel was revealed in a new blog post.

In its blog post, Blizzard wrote, “We want FTUE to welcome new players to Overwatch 2 in a more gradual way since we’ve seen consistent feedback that new players feel overwhelmed by numerous game modes and heroes.”

To onboard new players more gradually, FTUE limits their access to game modes, heroes, and other features.

To unlock competitive mode, new players must win 50 quick play matches, and about 100 matches to unlock all 32 heroes in Overwatch 1.

Game modes like in-game chat will unlock “rapidly” during onboarding.

“This focused experience introduces new players to Overwatch’s modes, rules, and other high-level aspects in an approachable way,” Blizzard wrote.

Quick-play matches usually last 10 to 15 minutes. For Tracer, Genji, and the rest, that’s around 20 hours.

It’s free-to-play, so players have to grind to unlock the full roster, like in some fighting games. A half-time full-time job is $145, even at minimum wage.

All of this follows the controversy over Overwatch 2’s first new hero, Kiriko, being locked behind level 55 of the battle pass.

A premium battle pass will cost players $10 if they want her right away.

 While Overwatch 2 ditches loot boxes completely, the nickel-and-dime approach to what costs money and how long players need to grind is already causing frustration (some battle passes and free-to-play economies are entirely based on rewards without affecting gameplay).

Blizzard also clarified a few other Overwatch 2 changes:

  • There’s only one endorsement category per match
  • Players’ portrait borders will disappear
  • Using ping instead of chat helps players communicate
  • Toxic player behavior will be monitored by machine learning
  • To prevent cheating, player accounts will now require a phone number

As of October 4, Overwatch 2 will replace Overwatch 1 as Blizzard’s primary focus.

The original Overwatch game is no longer available, so you can’t skip the first-time player experience for Overwatch 2.

The $40 Watchpoint Pack includes the old game and a smooth transition to the new one.

If you don’t have time to grind and you’ve never played Overwatch 2, it’s secretly $40.

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