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The New Instagram Limits Political Content: A Tech Tip

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The New Instagram Limits Political Content: A Tech Tip

(CTN News) – Despite Instagram’s efforts to clamp down on the amount of political content appearing in its users’ feeds, there is an easy way to turn off the controls if you don’t want to keep the limits in place, even though they automatically limit the amount of political content appearing in feeds.

Following an initiative announced last month by Instagram, the popular social media service, which is owned by Meta Platforms, has ceased to “proactively” recommend political content posted on accounts that users don’t choose to follow. It has been set automatically on users’ Instagram accounts that the ‘political content‘ control has been set to ‘limit’ to accomplish this.

Furthermore, these limits are also applicable to Threads users whose accounts are linked to their Threads accounts.

Some Instagram users have expressed anger in response to this new system change and believe that the social network is unnecessarily restricting political discourse in a year when we are witnessing pivotal elections both in the United States and in other countries.

How to get around Instagram’s political curbs.

1. Open up the Instagram app on your smartphone so that the political spigot can be opened again in order to post on Instagram. At the top right of the screen, you will find a three-dash menu.

2. On the Settings and Privacy tab, navigate to the ‘Content Preferences’ tab, then open the “Political content” menu by selecting it.

3. You need to locate the option called “Don’t limit” and turn it on.

Once you have done that, you will once again begin to see posts relating to government, elections and other political matters flowing through your timeline from accounts that you don’t follow if you have done that.


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