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Tesla Phone Pi Release Date, Features, Price, Specs & More



Tesla Phone Pi Release Date, Features, Price, Specs & More

(CTN News)  – Every day is a fresh start at Tesla, where Elon Musk serves as CEO. Every day, the $900 billion company introduces electric vehicles, cyber trucks, solar roofs, and superchargers.

Tesla has undoubtedly accelerated global technological development. You must have heard about the rumored Tesla Phone Pi. When will the Tesla Phone be available?

There was soon a flood of inquiries regarding the Tesla phone’s debut date and the model Pi.

What percentage of it is therefore true? Who rumored the Tesla Phone? If it does release, how much will it cost? Let’s address each individually.

Let me tell you everything you need to know about the brand-new Tesla Phone model Pi.

Tesla Phone Release Date

Tesla launched an umbrella with its logo on it. Nobody talks about releasing a phone.

Musk has obviously said he won’t revive older technologies (including smartphones), but he has also supported many new cryptocurrencies he shouldn’t have. One thing is for sure, never rely on Elon Musk.

He has brought cars into space, did we really think he was a normal dude? He’s supposed to be eccentric! (not mine, only his).

Tesla Phone Release Date Estimate

Tesla Phone release date is near, around 2023, according to some rumors.

There’s no evidence to support this. Tesla is so preoccupied with the in-hand projects that it would take an army to build a whole new Tesla smartphone.

Tesla Phone Price | How Much Will Tesla Smartphone Cost?

Let’s imagine this device for a moment before discussing the Tesla phone. This phone has incredible features and power. Tesla smartphones must therefore cost at least a few thousand dollars.

Like all Apple iPhones, Tesla phone model Pi prices will decrease as more people purchase them. Tesla’s first smartphone is expected to cost between $1000 and $1500.

Tesla Phone Pi Features

Are you a Tesla owner? Is it just me, or does anyone else think Tesla is a bit excessive?

Tesla owners don’t utilize all of the car’s features. According to the hype surrounding the Tesla smartphone Pi, it will have the following features:



1. Neuralink Connectivity

2. Stargazing Cameras aka Astrophotography

3. Crypto Mining

4. Solar Chargeable

5. Starlink Internet Connection

6. Vehicle Control via Tesla Phone

Have you seen that video of a dog chilling in a Tesla without a driver? That’s my dream. We already have a Tesla mobile app for controlling basic car functions on the Tesla phone. A Tesla model Pi will most likely come with the vehicle controls app preinstalled.

Tesla Phone Model Pi Specifications

We can only assume that the Tesla phone will have at least 1 TB of internal storage.

The screen size of this phone is more than 6.5 inches. Without even thinking about it, I would choose a Tesla over an iPhone.

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