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Scorn Act 1: How To Get The Arm And Unlock The Door

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Scorn Act 1: How To Get The Arm And Unlock The Door

(CTN News) – You’ll have to figure out how to unlock a huge door in Scorn’s Act 1. When the sliding crane puzzle gets unlocked, everything will make sense.

Next, gamers need to interact with the grotesque Cart Man. This will eventually open the door.

Get the arm in Scorn after you finish the Crane Puzzle

Once the crane puzzle in Scorn is solved, players take the lift back down before returning to the buggy. From the central tower, you’ll hear moaning. A buggy or wheelchair can be moved via crane controls.

Lower the man into the container and put him in the cart with this. Use the little buggy to move the cart man down the tracks to the left.

You’ll have to stop eventually and use another device to wound the cart man. The creepy cart-man will also get more machinery.

You’ll eventually have to make a decision. Use the device at the top of the spiral tower to set the tracks. Set the lower-left track to follow the circle’s curve. Also, set the lower-right track to go down the lower-right bridge.

Bring the cart-man into the elevator room. Lift him up and move him to the right with the crane controls. You’ll kill the cart man if you dump him in the machine.

It’s imperative to get his arm back. You’ll unlock an achievement, but you’ll also get through the door.

Turn left out of this room and you’ll see a machine. The arm you just took fits into this machine and will let you open the locked door. Exit and approach the console.

The arm on the control device on the left will start opening the door. It’s not quite enough, so use the console on the right, leaving the severed arm alone.

Once the switch is flipped, the door will open.

From there, Scorn players can take the elevator down the hall. Players will be able to reach an area they couldn’t before. There’s a huge room filled with gray bodies at the end, which poses its own challenges.

Act 1-1 of Scorn ends here, which leads to more puzzles. As players head into the nursery, they’ll get a weapon similar to a jackhammer.

The game by Ebb Software is a grotesque visual nightmare that sends players into an alien world full of visuals inspired by artists like H. Geiger.


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