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Trump Media Fired An Executive Whistleblower After He Shared Documents With Washington Post



Trump Media Fired An Executive Whistleblower After He Shared Documents With Washington Post

(CTN News) – According to The Washington Post, Trump Media company fired an executive Thursday after he shared internal documents from a whistleblower complaint with the newspaper.

One of the company’s first employees, Wilkerson served as senior vice presdent of operations at Trump Media and Technology.

According to the Post, Wilkerson filed a whistleblower complaint against the company in August alleging that they used “fraudulent misrepresentations … in violation of federal securities laws” when they sought to go public via a special purpose acquisition company.

According to Wilkerson, Trump Media is also in strife, including tension with CEO Devin Nunes, a Republican congressman who is one of Trump’s most loyal defenders. Another executive told Wilkerson Trump pressured him to give Melania Trump shares in the company.

Truth Media is available on Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Samsung’s Galaxy Store, a Trump Media spokeswoman said. As Chairman of TMTG, President Trump hired Devin Nunes as CEO in order to build a world-class team to lead Truth Social.

Trump Media fired Wilkerson after he made “unauthorized disclosures” to the Post. His lawyer called it retaliation against a whistleblower. Whistleblowers are protected.

According to the report, DWAC is pushing its shareholders to delay its planned merger with Trump Media. DWAC has warned it could liquidate if Trump Media doesn’t complete the merger.

A company owned by Patrick Orlando gave DWAC funding to keep it afloat until December. The merger has already been adjourned four times, indicating he does not have shareholder support.

Trump Media-DWAC deal is being investigated by SEC and Justice Department regulators. The SEC is blamed for delaying the deal.

He described undisclosed discussions between Trump, his media company’s executives and Orlando last year, before DWAC went public. It may have violated SEC rules.

During the SEC investigation, Wilkerson shared internal logs, memos, photos, and videos with the Post. Government investigators already received all materials, Wilkerson’s attorneys told the Post.

As reported by the Miami Herald on Oct. 6, suspended the executive for violating his nondisclosure agreement.


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