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On Android, Google Chrome Introduces ‘Minimized Custom Tabs’

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Google Chrome introduces 'Minimised Custom Tabs' feature on android

(CTN News) – Those who use Google Chrome on their Android devices now have access to a new feature that Google Chrome has made available to them in the shape of Minimized Custom Tabs.

Users who are using Android are able to make use of these functionalities. Through the utilization of this function, users are able to attain the capability of transforming web pages into windows that float in the air.

Android Chrome 122 was first discovered by Gadget 360.

This information was included in the post. It was during the month of March when this took place. It is now possible to access the feature without any difficulty on those devices that are equipped with the most recent version of the browser that is currently accessible.

When users take advantage of this functionality, they are provided with the opportunity to move between native apps and web content in a manner that is both seamless and uninterrupted. This is a significant benefit.

Individuals must first click the downward button that is situated on the top banner next to the name of the website in order for them to be able to visit the website. This is a prerequisite for individuals to be able to access the website. When you click on this button, the tab will be turned into a picture-in-picture (PiP) window that will give the sensation of floating in the backdrop.

Furthermore, Google notes that this connection enhances the experience of web browsing within the app by making it simpler to travel between different surfaces and carry out a number of tasks at the same time. This is one of the ways in which the app improves the overall user experience.

Users now have the ability to maximize the floating window by simply tapping on it thanks to the fact that this issue has been resolved. The tab will revert to its original size as a result of this, and there will be no further adjustments made to it.

Due to the fact that Google Chrome for Android version 124 has been made available, developers that use Chrome Custom Tabs will be able to take advantage of this feature as soon as it is made available.

In addition to the fact that it has been claimed that Google is conducting experiments on Chrome with a wide range of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, it has also been suspected that the company is testing with Minimized Custom Tabs.

Incorporating the Chrome Circle Search feature,

Which was previously accessible in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, into the navigation system is one of the potential alternatives that might be taken into consideration. Through the Galaxy S24 series, this capability was initially made available to the general public for the very first time.

Previously unknown, a new user interface component for Google Lens is now being tested. This component was not disclosed to the public. The fact that this component is currently being evaluated is suggested by a number of clues. There will be a button on the Chrome toolbar that is completely dedicated to this component, and it will be immediately visible to users.

Android users now have access to a new feature that Google Chrome has made accessible to them in the form of Minimized Custom Tabs. This capabilities can be utilized by Android users. Due to the fact that this functionality exists, customers are able to access.


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