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Shares Of SentinelOne Fall By Over 7% As Q1 Earnings Disappoint

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(CTN News) – SentinelOne, Inc. (NYNYSE:SE: S) disclosed that its earnings per share according to generally accepted accounting principles were negative $0.23 after the announcement of its financial results for the first quarter.

The company released these figures after the announcement of its financial results. The projections that were provided by analysts indicated that this performance was $0.18 lower than what they had anticipated doing.

There was, however, considerable year-over-year (YoY) growth of forty percent in the revenue of the cybersecurity company, which brought the total revenue for the quarter to eighty-four million dollars.

This development brought the overall revenue for the quarter to that amount. This figure, which was far larger than the consensus projection of eighty-one million dollars, was able to surpass the estimate. As a result of the SentinelOne publication of the results report,

the stock price of SentinelOne saw a decrease of 7.8 percent.

Despite the fact that the company’s sales had been growing at a good clip, this occurred despite the fact that.

During the quarter, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Tomer Weingarten (NYSE:WRI), made the following statement in order to highlight the achievements of the company: “We delivered an extraordinary 40% revenue growth and our first ever quarter of positive free cash flow, which is a significant milestone in our growth journey.”

Weingarten also paid attention to the achievements that have been made in the field of artificial intelligence within the context of reevaluating the criteria that govern cybersecurity during the course of the process.

According to for the second quarter of fiscal year 2025, SentinelOne has developed projections for the company’s financial performance. In light of the fact that the company is looking to the future, these projections are developed.

Compared to the consensus estimate of $197.7 million that was provided by experts, the company anticipates that its revenue will be approximately $197 million. This figure is slightly lower than the estimate that was produced by the experts.

The company expects that its sales for the entire fiscal year 2025 will fall somewhere in the range of $808 million to $815 million, with a midpoint that is lower than the average estimate of $817.3 million. This is because the company’s midpoint is lower than the average estimate. This is quite noteworthy due to the fact that the midpoint is lower than what is often anticipated.

The CEO SentinelOne Chief Financial Officer of the company.

Dave Bernhardt, expressed confidence in the company’s ability to continue to achieve the best-in-class growth of its industry.

Bernhardt is also Chief Executive Officer of the company. In view of the fact that the company has achieved an increase in operating margin of more than 25 points for the eleventh consecutive quarter and has also had a significant positive free cash flow, this confidence was stated given the fact that the company has achieved both of these things.

Bernhardt’s speech highlighted the expectation that the company has that it would continue to improve its financial status and continue to maintain its leadership position in the market. Bernhardt’s statement made this expectation clear.

As of the 30th of April in the year 2024, SentinelOne revealed that it had a total of $1.1 billion in cash, cash equivalents, and investments. This information was provided by the company. Specifically, SentinelOne was the source of this information.

Additionally, the annualized recurring revenue (ARR) of the company increased by 35% to reach $762 million, and the number of customers who had an ARR of $100,000 or more increased by 30% to bring the total to 1,193. Both of these significant increases brought the total to 1,193. Both of these numbers are important in their own right.


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