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News: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Teases GPT-4 Update



News: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Teases GPT-4 Update

(CTN News) – There has been a new post from Sam Altman suggesting that OpenAI’s GPT-4 algorithm has been upgraded.

OpenAI’s GPT-4 upgrade

The CEO of OpenAI, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) firm, said that ChatGPT-4 had a “slow start on its new year resolutions, but should now be much less lazy.” This statement suggests an upgrade could be in order for the Large Language Model (LLM), especially following recent complaints regarding the model.

It was reported two weeks ago that OpenAI’s ChatGPT had become too lazy to respond to user prompts due to its unregulated attitude. Users report that GPT-4 does not perform the tasks it is prompted to perform at certain times. When the ChatGPT bot reaches a halfway point, it halts and does not continue unless prompted to do so.

The fact that it sometimes instructs users to perform their own research is even more intriguing. The developers behind OpenAI immediately acknowledged that the chatbot was not functioning properly, but Altman’s new post suggests that they may have enhanced the tool’s features to avoid producing ‘unfavorable’ responses.

A member of the GPT-4 developer team explained that the chatbot had not been updated since November 11. According to Altman’s X post, there has not been an official announcement, however it is likely that an update has been made.

OpenAI has been getting more competition

At this time when strong competition is building against OpenAI, it is necessary for the company to upgrade its GPT-4 and avoid customer complaints.

Apple is currently working on an AI advancement, a move that will likely challenge market dominance. A number of significant hires have been made by the company, and some hardware updates have been made in light of the upgrade.

As part of OpenAI’s recent milestones, the ChatGPT store was launched. A few days into the new year, the GPT Store made its debut as a platform for developers to show off their customized GPTs.

The store also offers customized versions of ChatGPT that are useful and popular.


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