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New Apple iPad 2022 Is Now Available For Preorder



New Apple iPad 2022 Is Now Available For Preorder

(CTN News) – Apple’s new iPad 10th generation is a major upgrade this year. A completely redesigned design, larger screen, a faster processor, and bolder color options distinguish the iPad 2022 from its predecessors.

The price is also higher than last year’s model, starting at $449.

There is an option to preorder now (see it on Amazon), and it will be available for delivery on October 26. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

The all-new 10.9-inch iPad 10th Generation is now available for preorder

Its design is more in line with the iPad Air than the previous baseline iPad. It has a larger 10.9-inch screen (last year’s screen was 10.2).

There is no home button, so you must swipe up from the bottom to close apps. On the side of the device, there is now a Touch ID sensor located in the power button.

The color options have also been changed. In 2022, the iPad will be available in four stunning colors: silver, blue, pink, and yellow.

You’ll want to live dangerously and not keep it in a case. This device is available in 64GB and 256GB capacities, and in Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi + cellular configurations.

There has also been a less obvious – but very welcome – change with Apple ditching the proprietary Lighting port in favor of a more universal USB-C port.

In other words, you will be able to charge it using the same cable that you use to charge most of your other modern devices.

FaceTime’s camera has been moved from the narrower to the wider side of the bezel.

Hence, you can have a more natural video call when the device is horizontal, as it usually is when watching a video or making a video call.

Accessories for iPads in 2022

In addition, Apple has removed the headphone jack from its devices. On the iPhone, the company has long since removed this feature.

Moreover, it is not surprising because Apple would very much like to sell you a pair of AirPods. Additionally, the 2022 iPad is compatible with the first-generation Apple Pencil and the Magic Keyboard Folio.

As part of Apple’s annual updates, the previous model is usually discarded. This is not the case this time around. It is likely that last year’s iPad will still be produced in order to keep a lower-priced iPad on the market.

It is also on sale at Amazon for the all-time low price of $269, making it an ideal alternative for those who desire a high-quality tablet but do not wish to spend $449.

In conjunction with the new iPad, Apple also announced the new 2022 Apple TV 4K, a device with more features and a lower price point than its predecessor.


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