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Fortnite, How Do You Complete The Fortnitemare Escape Rooms Event?



Fortnite, How Do You Complete The Fortnitemare Escape Rooms Event?

(CTN News) – The spookiest time of the year has officially begun. All major games, including Fortnite, will celebrate Halloween by adding new items and quests.

Here is a guide to completing the Fortnite Escape Rooms event in Fortnite.

What you need to know about Fortnite Escape Rooms

Fortnitemare Escape Rooms differs from other Halloween-themed quests in Fortnite.

This is due to the fact that players must visit the website dedicated to this quest and complete the quests listed there.

The first step is to log into your Epic Games account at the website mentioned above.

As soon as you have completed this step, you will be presented with the list of tasks you need to complete. This will enable you to proceed to the next escape room.

Each player will receive a different set of quests. As a result, they are much easier than other quests. There will be tasks such as catching fish at a particular location or eliminating a specific number of players.

When you have completed three of the tasks in-game, return to the website and continue with the next escape room. In order to receive rewards, you must open four doors or rooms.

However, you must complete this event by November 1.

By unlocking Room 1, you will receive the Spoooooky Emote. In addition, you will receive 20,000 experience points for unlocking Room 2, the OctoEye Spray for unlocking Room 3, and the Niterave Weapon Wrap for unlocking Room 4.

This is not the only Halloween-themed challenge you can complete and receive free rewards. Check out the other quests and complete them to win the chrome glider or harvesting tool.


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