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Meta Is Moving Forward With Plans To Launch A Twitter-Like Service



Meta Is Moving Forward With Plans To Launch A Twitter-Like Service

(CTN News) – As Meta is considering launching a competitor to Twitter, it seems Elon Musk will have to compete in every field – just as the Chinese and other companies have stolen market share from Tesla – just as Twitter is considering launching a competitor to its service.

It has been reported that the reason for this planned move, according to reports, is because public figures want to use a similar platform as opposed to Twitter, which has been plagued with controversies since Musk took over the social network.

This move has been in the works for months as the influential website has struggled with outages, layoffs and has witnessed advertisers flee the platform as a result of the lack of content moderation since billionaire Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter in October.

A potential rival to Twitter is being worked on by Meta

However, there hasn’t been a major alternative to Twitter so far, leaving it up to global leaders and politicians to communicate via the platform, as well as celebrities and companies to do so.

Apparently, Meta has shown staff members plans for a text-based social network that could allow users to follow accounts they already follow on Meta Instagram without having to switch apps.

As a result of the planned move, there is the belief that there is a need to establish a separate space where creators and public figures can communicate about their interests in an immediate manner.

This upcoming Meta network, under the title of P92, is scheduled to be launched in the next few months. This is based on some reports suggesting it will be on the market as early as this month.
There is criticism of Twitter’s moderation practices on the platform, and it announced in May that it was withdrawing from the EU’s voluntary disinformation code as a result.

The moderation of the Twitter platform has been reportedly the subject of a decline in the past few months, allowing for an increase in the spread of disinformation – a claim which Musk denies.

The Twitter platform is also experiencing financial Meta troubles due to the advertiser boycott due to multiple concerns including the deterioration of moderation standards at the platform and a botched relaunch of Twitter’s subscription service, which resulted in a slew of verified impersonator accounts.


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