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Instagram Introduces Live Activities: Real-time Updates On Lock Screen And Dynamic Island



Live Activities

(CTN NEWS) – Since the release of iOS 16 last year, numerous iOS apps have incorporated Live Activities into their functionality.

This feature allows apps to display real-time, useful information directly on the Lock Screen or Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro.

Instagram has now joined in on leveraging this feature by providing users with upload progress updates in the background even after closing the app.

Instagram Embraces Live Activities: Real-time Updates on Lock Screen and Upload Progress

Instagram’s iOS app now showcases Live Activities, as observed by Fernando Moretto, a reader of 9to5Mac.

Whenever a user uploads a new photo or video and subsequently closes the app, they can rest assured that the upload has successfully taken place without having to reopen the Instagram app.

Notably, Instagram’s Live Activities are supported on both the Lock Screen and Dynamic Island, enabling users to view a compact preview of the content being uploaded, along with the upload progress.

Unfortunately, at this point, the feature appears to be accessible only to a limited number of users.

Instagram’s Live Activities: Testing Phase and Update Recommendations

Instagram has yet to make an official announcement regarding this, suggesting that the company has been conducting tests before a wider rollout.

To ensure prompt access to the new feature, it is advisable to keep the Instagram app updated.

Earlier this year, Uber also incorporated Live Activities support into its main app and Uber Eats. Many other developers have followed suit, embracing this feature.

Rumors indicate that the entire iPhone lineup will benefit from Dynamic Island with the introduction of iPhone 15, further enhancing the popularity of Live Activities among users.

It is worth mentioning that Live Activities will also be introduced to the Lock Screen of iPads with the upcoming iPadOS 17.


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