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Missed The ‘House Of The Dragon’ Prophecy In Episode 9



Missed The 'House Of The Dragon' Prophecy In Episode 9

(CTN News) – It is understandable that the focus since the end of House of the Dragon episode 9 has been on Rhaenys’ dramatic dragon-assisted escape from King’s Landing.

We were told that this would occur, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise. The problem was that the words were spoken by a character that no one listens to.

Let’s take a step back for a moment. Earlier in the episode, after King Viserys was (finally) confirmed dead, Queen Alicent returns to find her son Aegon to inform him that he will be the upcoming king.

She will first visit her daughter and Aegon’s sister/wife (yep), Princess Helaena Targaryen.

You may recall that Princess Helaena is a bit eccentric.

Playing with insects is her favorite pastime. She does not speak much, and when she does, it often sounds like random nonsense.

At least, it did until she accurately predicted the ending of episode 9.

During the scene in question, Alicent visits Helaena and is about to inform her of her father’s death when Helaena abruptly interrupts, whispering, “There is a beast beneath the boards.”

Alicent does not take notice of the situation at the time. In our role as viewers, we hardly pay attention to anything.

When the episode comes to an end, Helaena’s words take on a whole lot of meaning. There was a beast beneath the boards: Princess Rhaenys’ dragon Meleys,

Which she rode up through the floor to completely derail King Aemon’s coronation before flying away to inform Rhaenyra of the plans of the Hightowers.

It turns out that we should have listened to Helaena all along. Taking a look back at her previous scenes, Helaena predicts that her brother will be blind in one eye in episode 6.

“He’ll have to close an eye,” she whispers as her mother informs Aemond that he will have a dragon one day — and in episode 7, she utters a poem that appears to be nonsensical but may have profound significance.

“Hand turns loom, spool of green, spool of black, House of the Dragon of flesh weaving House of the Dragon of thread,” sings Helaena under her breath at the funeral for Laena Velayron.

Is it possible that “Hand turns loom” is a reference to Otto Hightower, the Hand, plotting to marry his daughter to King Viserys?

In the picture, the spools of green and black could represent the two factions about to go to war (Alicent vs Rhaenyra), and the House of the Dragon might represent something that occurs during the battle.

Are House of the Dragon of thread, for example, banners? Could it be a reference to Rhaenyra’s sons, or could it mean fake Targaryens?


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