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Google’s AI Lead Threatens Them, So They Take Desperate Measures



Google's AI Lead Threatens T, So They Take Desperate Measures

(CTN News) – Google is reportedly planning to announce artificial intelligence (AI) in its products to keep the $300 billion advertising market afloat in the face of rising competition from its competitors like Microsoft, according to Reuters’ report Wednesday.

It has been revealed that Google will incorporate generative artificial intelligence into its search engine, under a project called Magi, to offer human-like answers, generating new content from old data, following the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, an AI chatbot that responds in a similar way to a human.

As the leadership of Google takes the stage at its annual conference I/O in Mountain View, California, adjacent to its headquarters, as part of its annual conference, the efforts of its employees will be closely observed.

A research firm called MAGNA estimates the global market for search advertisements is estimated at $286 billion this year, which will have a major impact on how people discover information and which company will be able to win the global market.

Until recently, Google had been in the lead position on the internet, which has now been threatened by its competitors, who are integrating generative AI as an alternative to be able to offer content from the web as an alternative option.

In the eyes of many, ChatGPT, a startup backed by Microsoft, is poised to disrupt Google in several ways. There has also been a similar development in the form of Big, Microsoft’s search engine that has been updated with a dexterous chatbot that is capable of answering questions that are not yet available online.

The company recently announced share gains for its search engine, which has grown to more than 100 million active users on a daily basis, still dwarfed by Google’s billions of searches per day.

It is Google’s rivals, instead of following in its footsteps, who have taken its research breakthroughs from previous years and run with them, outpacing its inventor.

Microsoft has portrayed that as being both a technological affront and a business affront as well. It has stated that every percentage point of share it gains in search advertising would generate another $2 billion in revenue for the company.

As of late, Google has been scurrying to release technologies at Google I/O or prior to it, similar to its rival ChatGPT, Bard, defending the territory of the company.

Earlier this year, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet, said that generative AI would be coming to Google Search to distill complex queries, as well as a greater range of perspectives, such as blogs from music players.

In addition to restating its research mantle, Google is also looking to redefine its role in the field.


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