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Users Of Threads’ Mobile Apps Can Now Switch Profiles Easily



Users Of Threads' Mobile Apps Can Now Switch Profiles Easily

(CTN News) – Twitter rival Threads has finally added the ability to switch between multiple accounts without logging out of the service.

The Meta-owned social networking app announced Thursday that users of its mobile apps will now be able to swap accounts by long-pressing on the profile icon in the bottom right corner of the app.

Adding a new profile is as simple as tapping the “Add profile” option after long pressing the profile to add it to the profile list.

It makes it easier for users to switch between their work and personal profiles as a result of this change.

The Threads Instagram head Adam Mosseri did not specify whether there was a limit to how many accounts could be added to the profile-switching feature in terms of the number of accounts you could add.

There is something interesting about the fact that the text-based social networking app announced its profile feature on the same day that Facebook made it possible for individuals to have multiple profiles on the Blue app.

A little more than three months after its launch, Threads continues to churn away by launching new features on a regular basis.

It was announced last month that full-text search features were going to be tested in New Zealand and Australia. It has just been announced that the company has launched its global search functionality earlier this month.

It was also announced in September that Threads would be introducing a variety of new features, including the ability to turn on notifications for a specific post for 24 hours and the ability to quote posts on the web.

In this competitive social media landscape, Threads’ rivals are also releasing features to compete with Threads.

A new version of Mastodon was released earlier this week, featuring improved search for profiles and posts, automatic quick actions in the search box, a new web interface with better thread indicators, article previews, and a new tab to control privacy and reach settings.


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