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How To Use Email Marketing To Promote Your Podcast

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How To Use Email Marketing To Promote Your Podcast

How to use email marketing to promote your podcast Podcast email marketing is an effective way to promote your show. It is also a good way to establish a following and engage with your listeners regularly.

It can also assist you in gathering feedback and driving your fans to new episodes.

Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or just getting started, email marketing should be part of your overall marketing strategy.

Email marketing has a bundle of programs and best – a practice that sets it apart from other forms of marketing, such as social media and paid advertising.

We’ve outlined the steps to begin your list and effectively market your podcast.

Plan your email campaign

You must use an email service provider to send email content. Scheduling your emails for optimal engagement is an essential factor in the success of your email marketing campaign

PosterMyWall allows you to design emails, send them as frequently as you want. It’s a one-stop shop for anyone looking to run an effective email campaign.

PosterMyWall’s all-new, fully integrated email marketing platform allows you to create and send beautiful emails easily.

Send out emails for new episodes regularly to keep your listeners up to date. These emails should be brief and to the point. It’s also critical to send these emails to your target audience regularly.

Goal making

You can use email campaigns for different purposes, such as informing people about new episodes or selling products or memberships.

Every email campaign should aim to strengthen relationships and engage your audience, but each goal requires a slightly different approach.

Your aim will help you see the big picture, and your digital marketing campaigns will work together to get you from A to Z.

Companies such as MailiGen saw their email open rate increase from 20% to 29% by having a clear goal of resending emails.

Creating lead magnets

Develop lead magnets carefully and ensure that you offer some value to the reader as well!

One of the most effective features of your emails is the call-to-action button. You can add links to your website or landing page to increase subscribers and followers of your podcast.

Send people to your signup landing page when promoting your podcast on social media. You will own the email addresses if you collect subscribers through your pages.

Invite people to subscribe

Another perfect spot to remind your podcast listeners to subscribe? During your actual performance! If you include a call to action at the end of your podcast, you’ll catch listeners who made it to the end.

For listeners who discovered you on streaming sites rather than your website, suggesting the next step during your show may be your only chance to get them to subscribe directly.

Personalize your emails

Use it if you ask for the first name of your new email subscribers! A simple merge tag can have a significant impact on the open rates of your emails.

You can use personalization tokens to insert subscribers’ names, recent purchases, or other information into your email messages.

It also impacts unsubscribe rates, click-through rates, and overall podcast loyalty. The reason behind this is that people are more connected to something directed at them rather than a generic email.

It builds connection and makes them more likely to stay subscribed and loyal.

Everybody loves personalization as it gives them a hint of care and attention from their favorite celebs like podcasters.

Design attractive emails

Send an announcement email to generate excitement and anticipation for your new podcasts.

It is an excellent opportunity to use your existing email lists, either by sending a separate email or by including the announcement in a newsletter-style email.

To make your emails look alive, add high-quality images of your products to make your emails visually appealing and help your message stand out.

Different email templates are available online, which saves you from the hassle of designing them yourself. Using them also ensures your emails have a neat and professional touch!

Mark sponsored content

To monetize their podcast, many podcast hosts collaborate with sponsors and advertisers.

When inserting an advertiser’s message into your newsletter, ensure readers can easily distinguish between organic and paid content. It contributes to your authenticity and trustworthiness with your audience.

Benefits of email marketing

Email newsletters are important to B2B marketers’ content marketing success, and 73% of millennials prefer to communicate with businesses via email.

Feedback and surveys: Keeping an eye on the customer experience is crucial if you want customers to continue interacting with, engaging with, and purchasing from your brand. Email marketing can assist you in accomplishing this.

For example, you can use email campaigns to send customer satisfaction surveys and solicit feedback. It is one of the most effective methods for calculating your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Communicating with the audience: Improving communication with your audience is always important. Your audience can easily communicate with you, increasing brand loyalty. Keep in mind that people value good emails.


The mentioned strategies will help you maintain a regular audience for your podcasts. Sending daily updates and reminders of your episodes through email is always a good idea. It is beneficial for both of you as they receive reminders. Moreover, you will have a happy audience.

Written by: Raahim Jamshed

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