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Apparently, Spotify Has Removed Tens Of Thousands Of AI-Generated Songs



Apparently, Spotify Has Removed Tens Of Thousands Of AI-Generated Songs

(CTN News) – Tens of thousands of tracks have been removed from Spotify’s library due to the company Boomy generating artificial intelligence.

It has been reported that seven percent of the tracks created by the startup’s systems have been removed, emphasizing the rapid proliferation of AI-generated content on the platforms that allow streaming music.

According to reports, Universal Music has notified Spotify and other major services that it has detected suspicious streaming activity on Boomy’s songs.

It was suspected that bots were being used to boost listener numbers and generate ill-gotten revenue for uploaders by using them in order to boost listener figures.

According to Spotify’s terms,

It pays royalties based on the number of listens a song receives.

As Spotify has confirmed that it had removed some Boomy tracks from its service, artificial streaming has been a longstanding, industry-wide issue.

As soon as we identify or are alerted to potential cases of stream manipulation, we act to mitigate their impact by taking actions such as removing streaming numbers and withholding royalties in order to safeguard the income of honest and hardworking artists.

It has been reported that Spotify has decided to remove Boomy’s tracks from its platform in the wake of a lawsuit Universal Music is fighting.

According to Universal Music’s chief digital officer Michael Nash, whose company first reported Spotify’s decision, his company is “always encouraged when our partners exercise vigilance with regards to monitoring and activity on their platforms.”

AI-generated music made headlines last month after a song that included vocals from Drake and The Weeknd went viral.

According to Universal Music Group, which represents both artists, the use of the duo’s voices in generative AI systems violates their agreements and copyright laws.

Both Spotify and Apple Music have removed the song from their libraries.

Some members of the music industry have raised concerns about the impact of artificial intelligence-generated tracks and people using bots to increase listener numbers and siphon money away from the kitties that streaming services use to pay royalties.

With Boomy, which opened its doors in 2021, people can generate songs based on text inputs. “Curated delivery to Spotify of new releases from Boomy artists has been re-enabled,” the company announced over the weekend.

Users of Boomy have created 14,554,448 songs, or just under 14 percent of the world’s recorded music.

According to its website, users can create original songs in seconds, then upload them to streaming platforms “and get paid when people listen.”.


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