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MacBook Pro Failure: Apple’s Massive Failure



MacBook Pro Failure: Apple's Massive Failure

(CTN News) – This is not the time to buy a MacBook Pro. Apple has forced professional macOS laptops into a state of flux, disrupting its own market. In what way has Tim Cook’s flagship line-up changed?

A number of Apple watchers have indicated that an M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pro may be launched. This is part of Apple’s update to the MacBook Pro product line.

Tim Cook’s team will seed the first review units ahead of a press release, following the pattern of previous subdued launches. According to Chance Miller:
According to an anonymous tipster, 9to5Mac will be holding briefings on Wednesday and Thursday this week, followed by an embargo on Monday, January 23.

We have seen similar patterns in the past: an announcement on Tuesday, briefings and distribution of review units on Wednesday and Thursday, and the lifting of the review embargo on the subsequent Monday.”

It is anticipated that the transition to the M2 Pro chipset will offer a similar bump to the MacBook Air’s transition from M1 to M2.

Updated on Sunday, January 14th. As Mark Gurman points out, there is a significant issue with Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro hardware. With the addition of a touchscreen, Apple will reverse more than a decade of trying to explain why the Mac platform has ignored touchscreens:

This stubborn approach must change as Apple brings apps from its various operating systems closer together – notably iPadOS apps on macOS – not least since using touch-based apps on a current macOS machine can be uncomfortable at the least and painful in many cases at maximum.

When will the next-generation MacBook Pro laptops be available?

The community had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the M2 Pro- and M2 Max-powered laptops during the last quarter of 2022.s. For the first time in over two decades, Apple did not launch any updated Macs in the last quarter of the year.

In essence, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is little more than a MacBook Air enhanced with an entry-level processor and an active cooling fan to improve performance. I, as well as many others, do not find this to be what is expected from a MacBook Pro of this level.

Furthermore, there are reports of even more delays in 2023. This is due to the laptops not expected to be announced before the summer, no doubt followed by further delays until they are available.

Does it seem unlikely that performance will increase significantly?

While the transition from Intel to Apple Silicon resulted in an immediate increase in power and potential, the transition from Apple Silicon’s M1 to M2 chipsets has been less dramatic with the MacBook Air refresh.

Performance gains over the M1 Pro for the M2 Pro are reported to be marginal. In some reports, Apple may remain on the 5nm process rather than moving to 3nm and capturing all the benefits it would offer.

Lastly, Apple is considering equipping future MacBooks with touchscreens, some fourteen years after Microsoft introduced this technology to mainstream Windows devices.

It would be a significant change in Apple’s approach to portable computing. However, it seems inevitable as Tim Cook and his team work to bring together the Mac and iPad platforms on both a software and hardware level.

In addition to becoming the go-to laptops in the range, these MacBooks would reduce the impact of the vanilla-screened laptops, while not fully Osbourneing the rest of the line.


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