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Google Introduces New Interview Warmup Tool: How Does It Work For Job Interviews?



Google Introduces New Interview Warmup Tool How Does It Work For Job Interviews

(CTN News) – Google has launched an initiative called Interview Warmup under its Grow With Google initiative. Through the website, people can practice answering interview questions to get more comfortable with the interview process (via Google). There are also several resources from Google for individuals and businesses, such as ways to find work and resources for growing an online business.

What is Interview Warmup by Google?

A tool called Google Interview Warmup helps individuals prepare for interviews. An AI-based platform asks individuals questions they would be asked in an interview, lets them review their answers, and offers insights into what they said. When a user opens the website on their desktop, the tool will ask them to speak their answers, and the tool will use voice recognition technology to translate the answers into scripts.

How to use the Interview Warmup tool?

Go to the Interview Warmup website and click on the ‘Start Practising’ button. On the next screen, users will be asked to select the career or field they are preparing for and once they do, five randomly selected questions will be presented. The questions are selected by experts in their fields. After the website reads a question, users have to click ‘Answer’ and begin speaking their answer.

The answer will be transcribed by Google in real-time, so users can review their responses. Additionally, the tool will provide insights based on the answers provided by the user. Alternatively, users can type their answers using a keyboard. When it comes to reviewing the answers, users can either review each answer they gave or wait until they have answered all five questions.
A review provided by the tool consists of Insights, which Google defines as a combination of job-related terms, most-used words, and talking points used by the individual in the interview. A person can practice until they improve after gaining insight and appearing for the questions again. In Google, answers are not rated, only patterns and suggestions are shown.

On what devices is Google Interview Warmup available?

The Google Interview Warmup tool is available on the latest versions of Chrome for OSX, Windows, and Android, and on the latest version of Safari for iOS.

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