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Website Builders: Comparing Zyro, Wix, GoDaddy, Shopify and Elementor



Website Builders: Comparing Zyro, Wix, GoDaddy, Shopify and Elementor

Website Builders: Most of the global population spend the majority of their time online, the web has not failed in transforming almost every aspect of our lives. Considering this lifestyle change and the consequential increase in the number of daily hours people spend on the web (to nearly seven hours), it is no surprise the number of businesses that have also at least partially shifted online.

One of the most important facets of any business’s digital presence is their website. This is the base from which all other aspects of their online profile should extend. Despite being aware of the importance of a website for their growth, many businesses can struggle to build one due to the sheer number of options available for doing so. This article will provide an overview of some of the most effective tools for website creation.


Zyro is a stellar option for those looking to design a website for a business, particularly smaller ones without technical experience. While sadly not able to provide all the luxuries of some other website creation services, Zyro provides an extremely simple way of designing websites.

Not only this, it also provides total customization at budget prices that are affordable to almost everyone. Users are able to build a website that is beautiful and that is ready to go in the span of an afternoon – regardless of one’s level of technological expertise making sites.

There are many other notable pros to opting for Zyro, including:

  • Intuitive and straightforward editing, particularly for beginners, with the Editor Dashboard
  • Capability for logo generation, producing text content and designing pages using artificial intelligence
  • Easily the most competitive prices in the industry
  • Provides an easily accessible library of non-copyrighted images to use on your website completely free of charge

Sadly there are a few cons associated with this service, but they are arguably far outweighed by the pros. Firstly, users will experience a restricted ability to customize templates. There is also no option for a completely free plan – despite being cheap, in order to release any website you make you must pay a monthly fee.


Despite the disadvantages of opting to use Wix, it is overall another strong choice for small business owners. While ‘drag-and-drop’ functionality has become an industry standard in the website builder market, Wix’s interpretation of this feature takes the cake. Any editable element can be repositioned with ease, remaining exactly where they are placed.

Furthermore, Wix is incredibly easy for beginners and the not-so-tech-savvy to use, especially with its thorough utilization of drag-and-drop features. Additionally, beginners have a bountiful source of inspiration from its over 800 templates, so there is no chance of a creative block preventing them.

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Whilst not the most optimal tool for every business or user, there is a reason it consistently seems to rank in the number one spot of reviews from around the internet. Simply put, the pure bang for buck it provides cannot be ignored and is in most cases the tipping factor for small businesses.

Some of the features it provides at its impeccable price point include:

  • A fully-functional website in under 5 minutes
  • Provides beginners with a good starting point for customization without allowing them to become lost in it
  • Grants influential SEO and other digital marketing features across most of its tiered packages


Shopify is the ideal website building platform for businesses focussed on ecommerce and creating an online shop. Its features are specifically tailored to provide small businesses with the most intuitive tools to get their online shop not only up and running, but thriving.

This is true for ecommerce businesses of any scale, and whether the person is just hoping to build some supplementary income or a huge business.


Elementor WordPress plugin that enables drag-and-drop functionality in order to build webpages. This allows for the speedy creation of unique and distinctive web pages that stand out from WordPress’s general templates.

Closing Remarks

As can be seen, there are a number of different options for building web pages that suit a variety of different needs. For a more in-depth zyro review, please see the previously attached link.


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