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ICTBroadcast, the Best Predictive Dialer Software in the Market

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ICTBroadcast, the Best Predictive Dialer Software in the Market

Auto dialer & call center software ICTBroadcast supports multiple modes of contact, including voice, text message, facsimile, & email. It is an all-in-one software package built on top of the free and open-source asterisk switch for telephony.

Progressive dialling, power dialling, predictive dialling, preview dialling, & manual dialling are just some of the dialling options available in ICTBroadcast’s support for WebRTC web phones. In addition to being an outbound and incoming call centre solution, ICTBroadcast also includes an array of campaign options.

ICTBroadcast is the unified communications & call centre automatic dialer. It can make and receive phone calls, text messages, faxes, & emails. It’s a set of widely-used applications for bridging different networks together. Users of ICT Broadcast who have access to Web RTC web phones have a wide variety of dialling methods at their disposal.

These methods include power dialling, Predictive dialer software, preview dialling, predictive dialling, & manual dialling. On top of that, ICT Broadcast is a fully-featured, multi-strategy telephony system that can be used by contact centres to take inbound and outbound calls.

ICT Broadcast is a multi-tenant web application that facilitates complete campaign management and features separate user and admin user interfaces. It’s a web-based telemarketer & auto-dialer that incorporates bulk SMS marketing, fax blasting, & voice broadcasting as well as features like smart auto dialer & predictive dialer. ICT Broadcast offers a wide variety of services to aid its customers in the process of digitally transforming their businesses.

With the help of ICT, Admin can keep tabs on the entire system’s resources in a single area. Its chart-based reporting makes monitoring & analyzing campaigns much easier. This makes it easy, fast, and straightforward to keep tabs on data like system usage, user campaigns, and channel consumption, including campaign statistics.

Voice campaigns

A messaging campaign, also known as a voice broadcasting campaign, randomly phones phone numbers from a contact list, plays a prerecorded message to anyone who picks up, and then immediately hangs up.

Agent Operation

Calls from a contact list are dialled, and any takers are transferred to an agent, an external call centre, or an interactive voice response system.

Agents can use the built-in webphone feature of ICTBroadcast. Agents can use this WebRTC-based phone to take incoming calls directly within their browsers, without the need for any specialised software or hardware.

Interactive Campaign

Participants in an interactive campaign can provide feedback by dialling a series of DTMF buttons. This campaign begins by dialling addresses from a contact list; if the recipient picks up, a recorded message is delivered; and if the recipient hits a key, the call is transferred to a human for further handling.

The Inbound Marketing Strategy:

An inbound marketing campaign functions similarly to an interactive voice response system. After a user posts direct inward dial (DID) numbers online, everyone who calls those numbers will be connected to an automated voicemail. When a caller pushes a certain button, their call is sent to real people who can help them further.

Survey Campaigns:

During a survey campaign, numbers from a contact list are dialled, the recipient is asked a series of questions, the answers are recorded, and a report is generated for future research.

Campaign of IVR:

The message of an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) campaign is broadcast over the airwaves. IVR, or interactive voice response, is a system that facilitates computer-human communication by a keypad and vocal commands. This campaign phones numbers from a contact list play an IVR message in response to an answered call, and afterwards takes action based on the recipient’s input, such as transferring the call to another number, retrieving numerical information, providing a date and time playing a different message, etc.

Promotional Faxes:

Due in large part to developments in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and internet telephony, faxing is experiencing something of a renaissance. A fax campaign in ICTBroadcast will dial numbers from a contact list and, if the receiver picks up, will send them a fax. There is native compatibility for pdf & tiff files, but it may be extended to work with any file type.

Campaign of SMS:

Like any other campaign, this one just sends a text message to everyone on a contact list.

Know About ICTBroadcast

Auto-dialer software doesn’t get much more potent than ICTBroadcast, which can connect your business’s phone lines, fax machines, mobile devices, and email accounts in one single package. ICTBroadcast is an all-in-one software solution built on the open-source asterisk communication switch, and it offers a variety of dialling modes, including progressive dialling, predictive dialling, power dialling, preview dialling, & manual dialling.

There isn’t a more feature-rich autodialer or call centre software solution available today, and it may be used for a wide range of marketing initiatives.

If you’re interested in testing out ICTBroadcast, the system calls for a dedicated server, a reliable Internet connection, a static IP address for remote server access, & call/fax/SMS termination & origination services. The dedicated server must have a Quad Core processor running at 3.2 GHz or faster, 4GB of RAM, and a hard drive with a capacity of approximately 500GB at a minimum. In addition, they give you access to several extras that you won’t find anywhere else, like an online dashboard that displays your agents’ efficiency.

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