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Facebook Meta Names Are Prohibited By Brazilian Law

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Facebook Meta Names Are Prohibited By Brazilian Law

(CTN News) – In a lawsuit filed against the Facebook Meta trademark rights, the Brazilian Meta Computer Services Company has won the case.

As reported by foreign media outlets in recent days, Brazilian Meta Computer Services Company filed an appeal against Facebook’s use of the name Facebook Meta in the Brazilian courts against the use of the name Facebook Meta.

It was alleged by the company that Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg could not use the name Meta for his social media site because of international restrictions on the use of the name in their country, according to the company.

During their defense, the Brazilian Meta company argued that they already own the rights to the name.

Therefore, Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg incorrectly refers to American branding as a result.

Furthermore, the company argued in its defence that in 2021, US-based Meta, which was formerly known as Facebook, changed its name to a new brand whereas our company was registered under the name Brazilian Meta earlier and we hold all the rights to this name as well.

Moreover, the company stressed that decisions concerning the business dealings of groups operating in our country should also be made according to the laws of our country when it comes to their dealings.

According to the court, after hearing all of the arguments, Mark Zuckerberg’s company was ordered to refrain from using its name in Brazil for 30 days by the end of February following the hearing of all the arguments.

As it stands, Mark Zuckerberg’s tech company still has the legal right to appeal this decision, which indicates that he is concerned about the outcome, as it shows that he is still concerned about the outcome.


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