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Is Artificial Intelligence the Solution to the Modern Dating Crisis?

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Is Artificial Intelligence the Solution to the Modern Dating Crisis?

Dating, in general, is a strenuous affair, to say the least, and modern culture hasn’t helped. Modern pick-up culture is vain and superficial, which is generating no end of problems for both genders. Alas, the solution isn’t as simple as a Play Croco casino login. This isn’t helped in the slightest by dating apps like Tinder or OkCupid, whose “swiping” culture incentivizes the process to be even more shallow.

Instead of judging whether to approach someone based on their characteristics- how they behave, present themselves, and whatnot, the selection process is reduced entirely to single images. When the process is boiled down to looks alone, this creates… problems, and the difference between how each gender selects potential partners becomes divisively clear.

I don’t think it’s revolutionary to say that men are far less choosy than women, and statistics from Tinder and OkCupid (which they desperately try to pretend they never collected) prove this definitively. What this results in is an unintentionally social dominance hierarchy, where the top ten percent of men are the ones who get all of the matches, while the other 90% of men are shafted for no other reason than not looking like Chris Hemsworth or Henry Cavill.

Dating apps have made it easy for women to find that elite group of men too, and you’ll find plenty of anecdotes online of women who have thrown away devoted partners to climb that hierarchy.

This “trade-up” mindset is backed by statistics, too, as one of the biggest correlations with divorce is when a woman gets a promotion and then earns as much or more than their partner. In fact, women are twice as likely to divorce upon attaining a promotion within the first 3 years of said promotion than their male counterparts.

This is, in part, why a growing number of men are building an immense resentment against women in general, which is why online groups like “Incels” (Involuntary Celebrates) and “MGTOW” (Men Going Their Own Way) have gained as much traction as they have.

While it’s hard to agree entirely with the positions of either group (especially the vast resentment you can feel when you read their posts online), why they have reached where they are is understandable.

So, to be frank, a new dating app isn’t going to solve all of that. There are too many large-scale problems at play to be solved so easily. That said, finding an alternative approach to modern dating (“Swipe Culture”) could at least start us down that road.

While general wisdom tells us to not reinvent the wheel, sometimes it’s worth looking at something twice because the rest of us really have been doing it wrong the whole time. So when I spotted the headline that a company was proposing artificial intelligence for matchmaking purposes, my curiosity with piqued.

Meet Algo

Algo is an Israeli, non-profit start-up founded by tech graduates that want to encourage a stronger dating pool for religious Zionist Jews. The founders, Maayan and Yuval, realized that there were only two ways for religious zionists singles to find a match: Either through a friend who plays the role of a matchmaker or through an app.

Quote from an article about it on Jpost, “The problem is that friends don’t have particularly large accuracy or many options,” Elitzur (Algo’s Business Developer) said, “The problem with dating sites is that many singles felt that they had to ‘sell themselves’ as if they were a product. We all know that singles browse through hundreds of photos of girls or guys. There is no feeling of intimacy in the whole process.”

So Maayan and Yuval made a solution: An AI chatbot that plays the role of matchmaker for you. A user who wants to sign up for the service talks with this chatbot through an application like WhatsApp or iMessage and answers a series of questions.

The algorithm then searches through its database for whomever it thinks would be a good match and sends the contact details to either party (whomever the chatbot decides should be the one to reach out is chosen at random). Then, you get to message whomever it is and try to set up a date, and bobs your uncle! You then report your success (or lack thereof) to Algo, and the AI gets better at picking matches for the next lucky couple.

So, there are some distinct advantages here. First, matches aren’t nearly so arbitrary. Because every “match” is decided by whether or not the person in question answers your call/text, the process is far less superficial. There are certainly no swipes, super swipes, or extra-special-thumbs-ups for you to blow your money on.

Since the entire organization is a non-profit, there’s no incentive to try and make you keep coming back to their app- unlike some certain other dating apps I could name. In fact, it’s not really even an app. It’s a chatbot that sends you options through apps you already have.

Which is both cool and unsettling in a weird way. I mean, having a robot help select potential mates is either very cool or very dystopian. On the other hand, if it actually works, then does that make it cooler or scarier?

A massive part of the superficial and shallow nature of dating is removed this way, which is a big plus. Of course, it’s still up to YOU to stick the landing.


Still, Algo has got a long way to go. While their website boasts that more than 16,000 people have signed up for it, that’s still a tiny amount in the grand scheme of things. Of course, Algo specifically targets a very niche audience, so that’s to be expected, I suppose. And if you happen to fall outside of that audience, you’re probably not going to like any of the suggestions Algo has to offer.

That being said, the success or failure of this endeavor could change the entire dating scene in the future- or maybe Algo will be forever stuck in its little corner, unnoticed by the wider world. Only time will tell.


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