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US Cracks the Whip on Coinbase – How Effective is the Crypto Crackdown?



US Cracks the Whip on Coinbase - How Effective is the Crypto Crackdown?


US Cracks the Whip on Coinbase – The rising popularity of cryptocurrency investments and the risks associated with them has attracted the attention of regulators the world over. The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US has come under regulatory scrutiny from the US regulatory authorities for serving as an online trading brokers and offering unregistered securities to investors.

Analysts have been preoccupied with the effectiveness of this crackdown on the crypto industry. In this article, we have examined the effectiveness of these regulatory actions and their potential implications for the wider crypto orexbrokermarket.

SEC Cracks Down on Coinbase

Coinbase – the largest cryptocurrency exchange company in the United States, has been subjected to regulatory scrutiny from the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) for offering assets that could be considered securities without registering them with the regulatory body.

The Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday, filed a lawsuit against Coinbase, accusing the exchange for bridging the US laws by mediating as a broker and exchange platform for digital assets, which offered investors rewards for holding such assets without registering them as securities with the SEC.

The regulatory body further accused the exchange of failing to provide investors with adequate knowledge of the nature of the assets offered to them.

The present crackdown on Coinbase could be considered the second major blow to the Crypto industry by the SEC in just three days after it sued Binance – the largest cryptocurrency exchange globally, for a similar charge the previous day.

The news of these crackdowns triggered a massive selloff in the crypto market with investors taking flight to other assets and moving their investments away from these two major crypto exchanges.

How Effective is the Crypto Crackdown?

The case filed against Coinbase still passes as an accusation for which the exchange will have to defend itself before the law court. This means no sanctions or restrictions have been passed on the exchange yet pending when the case is decided at the law court.

Speaking on this, Paul Grewal – Coinbase’s general counsel, has called on investors not to worry that the company will continue operating as usual, while remaining committed to regulatory compliance in each region.

Possible Effects of the US Crackdown on the crypto industry

Regulatory Compliance: The crackdown on the Coinbase trading platform has highlighted the need for stricter regulations and clearer guidelines within the crypto space. It could potentially force Coinbase and other exchanges to enhance their compliance procedures, and implement robust KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) measures, to address the SEC’s concerns. In this sense, the crackdown could be said to have succeeded in pushing for better industry practices.

Investor Protection: The regulatory actions against Coinbase are aimed at protecting investors from potential scams, fraudulent activities, and market manipulation within the crypto market. By increasing oversight and imposing stricter regulations, the crackdown sought to weed out bad actors and create a safer environment for investors.

Market Confidence: The crackdown on Coinbase and Binance recently by the US government no doubt has shaken investors’ confidence leading to a massive selloff of assets. Nevertheless, the actions taken by regulators

also signaled a commitment to addressing concerns and fostering a regulated, legitimate crypto market, which could ultimately boost confidence in the long run.

Reduced investment in the cryptocurrency industry: The news of the lawsuits against Coinbase and Binance had initially caused many investors to sell off their crypto assets pending when the lawsuit is over. Many fear that increased regulatory scrutiny could potentially cause more investors to reduce their investments in crypto.


The US crackdown on Coinbase underscores the increasing regulatory scrutiny facing the cryptocurrency industry. With the SEC cracking down on two major exchanges in just three days, it sends a clear message to all crypto exchanges that compliance has become a top priority for regulators in the US today.

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