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Don’t Like Sports? YouTube TV Introduces Multiview Stream Combos.

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Don't Like Sports? YouTube TV Introduces Multiview Stream Combos.

(CTN News) – In the world of live YouTube TV events, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to decide between watching two or more events at once. Sports enthusiasts are especially susceptible to this kind of situation.

With the launch of YouTube TV’s multiview feature in March, YouTube TV had somewhat lessened the impact of this news when it was introduced to basketball fans.

This feature is now being expanded beyond sports to include a variety of other applications.

Currently, a select number of YouTube TV users will be able to select up to five of these brand new multiview streams from their YouTube TV home screens so that they can view video content from business, news, sports, weather, and Deportes side by side.

All of these options will be available to you throughout the day, every day.

There is no doubt that this provides users with more options, but it also has a number of limitations.

Currently, YouTube TV pre-selects which streams can be viewed alongside each other – users cannot mix and match which streams they watch. Aside from that, the feature is still only available on streaming devices and televisions.

A multiview stream is by no means a new concept in the world of streaming content and it has been around for quite a while.

When PlayStation Vue was still available, this was one of the key selling points that made it so attractive to consumers.

On the Apple TV 4K, Apple recently introduced a new multiview feature available for MLS and MLB bans which can be viewed simultaneously.

It may not be as polished as YouTube TV’s version, but once it has matured and is widely available to more people, it will add a tremendous amount of value.

It is expected that it will be rolled out to all users gradually over the summer, probably in preparation for the start of the NFL season in September.


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