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Did Your Spotify Account Get Hacked? What You Need To Do



Did Your Spotify Account Get Hacked? What You Need To Do

(CTN News) – There are multiple reasons why Spotify Account users may suspect their accounts have been hacked, including being unable to log in with their passwords or seeing unusual activity in the app’s ‘Recently played’ section.

Additionally, users may notice changes in their subscription settings or unknown third-party apps connected to Spotify.

In the event that a user loses access to their Spotify account, Spotify provides a number of tools to help them secure and restore their account.

Spotify accounts are easy targets for hackers and intruders, just like any other service. Some bad actors may seek to use a person’s Spotify Premium subscription without paying, while others may change the account information and resell it.

Changes in email addresses or passwords, changes in playlists and recently played tracks, or someone controlling the music from another device are obvious signs that the account is being accessed by intruders.

A Guide To Recovering And Securing Spotify Accounts

Changing the Spotify password is the first step if there is anything wrong with the account. Changing a user’s password can be done by opening the Spotify website in any browser and logging in.

From the left menu, choose ‘Change Password’ from the ‘Profile’ tab in the top-right corner of the screen. In the event that the account cannot be accessed due to a password or email change, users should click the Password Reset link on the login page.

Changing the password may not be sufficient to secure a Spotify account completely.

By clicking/tapping on the ‘Remove Access’ option next to the app name on the Spotify Settings page, users can disconnect any unknown or third-party apps connected to their Spotify account.

Note that these apps can be add-ons and services connected to a Spotify account, which may give them access to some account data.

Lastly, after resetting the password and removing unknown apps, users should go to the Settings page on the website and click on the ‘Sign Out Everywhere’ option.

With this option, Spotify will log out of all devices where it’s logged in. You should contact Spotify customer support if you can’t access your Spotify account or reset your password using an email address.

Upon receiving a receipt, bank statement, or other proof of ownership, Spotify will restore the account to its original owner.

Spotify Account Security Tips

A Spotify account that isn’t well secured is an easy target for hackers, so taking precautions before a breach occurs is important. Spotify accounts can be secured by using a strong password that combines numbers, lowercase and capital letters, and special characters.

Passwords should also be changed frequently, and they should not be shared.

You should ensure the smartphone or PC being used to access Spotify is updated to the latest operating system, and avoid downloading unknown apps. In addition to removing third-party apps periodically, Spotify users should sign out of public devices after logging in.


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