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CEO Of OpenAI Sam Altman Donated $200,000 To Biden’s Campaign



CEO Of OpenAI Sam Altman Donated $200,000 To Biden's Campaign

(CTN News) – Apparently, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, has donated $200,000 to President Biden’s reelection campaign, according to documents filed with the federal government.

In mid-June, Altman sent two transfers of $100,000 each to Biden’s political committee, Biden Victory Fund, according to a report filed with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). One of the many big-dollar donors who make up the bulk of Biden’s 2024 fundraising is the tech CEO.

Altman’s donation, which was dated June 14, came just a few days before Biden visited San Francisco, where OpenAI is headquartered. In the days preceding his departure on June 21, Vice President Biden spent three days in the tech Mecca.

There have been tens of millions of dollars in donations to the Biden Victory Fund from wealthy party members throughout California’s Bay Area, Chicago, New York City and Washington D.C.

However, compared to other recent Democratic candidates including his own 2020 campaign, Biden’s small-dollar donations are well OpenAI behind those of other recent Democratic campaigns.

A small-dollar donation, which is defined as anything under $200, accounted for $10.2 million of Biden’s fundraising for the three-month period that ended OpenAI June 30, according to the New York Times, according to sources.

Over the same period in 2012, when President Barack Obama ran for reelection, he received less than half of the $21 million he received during the same period.

According to the outlet, Biden is far more dependent on wealthy donors than the major Republican presidential candidates do, with 10 donors donating more than $500,000 each, while 82 others contributed at least $100,000 each, according to the outlet.

As the various Republican candidates report OpenAI donations for the first months and weeks of their campaigns, they are raking in tens of millions of dollars in donations during these initial weeks and months of their campaigns.

It has been reported that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis raised $20 million in his first six weeks of campaigning, while former President Donald Trump’s campaign reported that Save America, his political action committee, brought in over $35 million between April and June, according to Trump’s team.

The top-level Biden officials claim that a lack of a clear Republican opponent for Biden is the reason for the slow donations, arguing that once the Republican field has narrowed down to just one candidate, the donations will surge.

The Biden campaign OpenAI co-chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg said to the New York Times that there is no day-to-day competition fighting going on at the moment.

As a result, these are the most loyal and dedicated followers and believers. I have no doubt it will build over time.”


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