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CNC Machining: Why is it Important in Modern Industry?

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CNC Machining

CNC Machining: The concept of machining has been known since ancient times by the Greeks and the Chinese. Initially, the operation was tedious and required significant strength and a lot of endurance by the users since the entire maneuver was manual. The process has been evolved by deploying more advanced machines with conventional machining, then in recent years there has been an increased development of computer numerical control (CNC) machines that allow the manufacture of high precision mechanical parts and geometric complex. CNC services are increased in demand.

In the following, we invite you to discover the advantages of CNC machining in the different industries.

How it works ?

The process of manufacturing mechanical parts has become increasingly easier and faster thanks to the appearance of automated lathes and milling machines. CNC machining is applied in different industries: from jewelry and watchmaking to major sectors (automotive, aerospace, medical, energy, etc.). Metal, wood and plastic are the most common materials in the machining process.

The operation of CNC milling manufacturer consists of removing material to manufacture parts according to a prototype designed on the numerical control. To avoid any additional corrections causing significant delays in the project, we need to take care to check:

– The placement of the holes

– Milling deep recesses

– The use of threads and inserts

– Text engraving

– The radii of curvature

Why opt for CNC machining?

Commonly, the design of a high-precision mechanical parts manufacturing project is based on CAD (Computer Aided Design) software with an intuitive interface. CNC machining offers the possibility of manufacturing an infinite number of part shapes with meticulous detail and bespoke specifications. The CNC machining process also makes it possible to create a large number of CNC machining parts quickly while respecting current standards and customer requirements.

The CNC turning manufacturer method is used a lot in the manufacture of components of different sizes or rounded parts. In fact, it is easier to achieve a smooth surface with a CNC lathe than with other mechanical processing methods. The application of CNC machining aims not only to save production time, but also to optimize the finishing of parts.

Applications of CNC Machining

In the CNC machining industry, lathes with their different operations (turning, boring, dressing, drilling, grooving, etc.) are the most used tools for a wide range of mechanical parts, for example:

Automotive spare parts:

– Braking system with the cutting of aluminum ring, steel pistons,…

– Engine components,

– Rocker arm screws,

– Turbocharger parts…

Medical equipment parts:

– Pin, plug

– Surgical needle

– Obturator, guide tube, axis with ranges

– Nozzle nose, cannula nose…

After all, with the widespread use of computers, CNC machining manufacturer has become indispensable in the manufacturing industry. To achieve a level of precision control, old industrial equipment such as lathes, routers, drills and milling machines are now driven by unique computer programs that set CNC machining apart. Nowadays, CNC machining has been used in many industries to facilitate production as it simplified the manufacturing process.


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