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Apple’s India iPhone Output Hits $14 Billion, News Says

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Apple's India iPhone Output Hits $14 Billion, News Says

(CTN News) – According to News, Apple Inc. will begin manufacturing iPhones in India in 2024, at an estimated cost of more than $14 billion based on current estimates.

Reports from people familiar with the matter state that Apple manufactures as much as 14% or approximately one in seven of its marquee devices in India, according to the report.

According to the report, Foxconn manufactures approximately 67% of the iPhones manufactured in India, and Pegatron Corp manufactures about 17% of the iPhones manufactured in India, according to the report.

As part of Tata Group’s acquisition of Wistron Corp last year, the remaining units were also manufactured at a plant in Karnataka, a southern Indian state that Wistron Corp operated before it was acquired by the Tata Group.

Apple has not commented regarding the report, according to.

Amidst geopolitical tensions between Beijing and Washington, Apple has increasingly worked towards diversifying its supply chain beyond China, even as China remains the world’s biggest iPhone-making hub despite increased geopolitical tensions between the two countries.

On Monday, Reuters reported that Apple Pegatron was in advanced talks to hand over control of its only iPhone manufacturing facility, located near Chennai in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, to the Tata Group, according to a report published by Reuters.

It is as well worth noting that this new plant is being constructed in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, as well as a joint venture that the Indian consumer goods conglomerate is building with Pegatron, which is expected to be a partner on future projects moving forward.


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