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Is the Full Stack Development Service important for your Company?



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Is Full Stack Development service important for your company? We will answer in this article. To answer this question, it is important to understand what Full Stack Developer is. This is the basis of everything.

The Full Stack Developer is a profession increasingly in demand by today’s startups. And for good reason, this versatile profile is capable of managing a web development project from A to Z, or rather from Back End to Front End!

What is a Full Stack Developer?

The missions of the Full-Stack Developer are necessarily numerous and varied since he works both on the visible part of the interface and with which the user will interact (Front-end) and on the technical part of the interface (Backend). The job does not necessarily require you to be an expert in the Front-end and the Back-end, but rather to be able to work on both parts and therefore to fully understand the issues and objectives of each.

This dual skill explains why this hybrid profession is very popular with startups today.

Full Stack, Front End or Back End: what are the differences?

The Front End of a website refers to the part of the site (or application) with which users interact. Everything you see when you browse the web, for example fonts, colors, drop-down menus or carousels, are pieces of HTML, CSS, JavaScript code recognized by your computer’s browser. All this visible part of a site is the work of a Front End Developer. He is responsible for the graphic design of the user interface.

The Back End is a bit like the “kitchens” of a website. You do not see it when you browse the site, but it is where all the data necessary for its proper functioning is located. Without it, no features! The Back End generally includes the database, the server and the application. The Back End Developer is responsible for developing and maintaining the technology that allows all these elements to work together, and without which the visible part of the site would not exist.

In theory, Front-end and Back-end Developers therefore have a distinct role but complement each other perfectly in a web project. In practice, the distinction is not always so marked. Often, Front-end Developers need to learn additional Back-end skills. On smaller projects or when resources are limited, companies will sometimes prefer to call on “generalists” who know both aspects. This is where Full Stack Developer comes in!

What is the role of the Full Stack Developer?

A Full Stack Developer is a web developer who works on both the Front End and Back End of a site or application. This means he can handle projects that involve databases, building sites with a user interface, or even working with clients during the planning phase of projects.

Since almost all companies now have a website as a “primary representative”, including your company, Full Stack Development services are very important because it manages all the online displays that every customer and potential customer will see and “feel”.


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