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ChatGPT By OpenAI Offers Human-Like Voice For iOS And Android



ChatGPT By OpenAI Offers Human-Like Voice For iOS And Android

(CTN News) – OpenAI has recently released a major update for ChatGPT, which now allows regular users on iOS and Android devices to interact with the chatbot using a voice that resembles that of a human.

When it was first introduced in September, the voice feature was only accessible to Plus and Enterprise users. However, as of yesterday, this update has made ChatGPT’s voice mode available to a wider range of users, marking a significant milestone in its accessibility and enabling a larger audience to enjoy its conversational capabilities.

When users open ChatGPT, they will see a headphone icon at the bottom right of the screen.

This icon is the activation button for the voice feature. By clicking on it, users can choose from five different voice options: Juniper, Ember, Breeze, Cove, and Sky. These options range from feminine to masculine voices. It’s important to note that users can switch between these voice options whenever they want.

The interaction with the voice assistant is designed to be visually engaging. As the chatbot processes information, a grey circle appears in the middle of the screen and gradually transforms into a white cloud-like image.

The voice assistant, like Sky with a raspy voice, ChatGPT  adds a more human-like element to the experience. It incorporates pauses in its responses, creating a conversational atmosphere that enhances the overall interaction.

Despite the impressive innovation, some users have reported that the voice function occasionally triggers assistance queries even when the user is not speaking, and there is no clear way to disable the application.

Nevertheless, the ability to exit the app while keeping it active in the background enhances multitasking capabilities, catering to situations where users require information while engaged in other activities.

This shift towards a voice-centric interaction represents a departure from traditional text-based chatting, providing a more natural and immersive conversational ChatGPT AI experience.

OpenAI’s decision to expand this feature to a broader user base highlights the evolution of ChatGPT, positioning it as a versatile and accessible tool for a variety of interactions.


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