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Participate in the Build-a-PC Odyssey Webinar by Make That PC!



Participate in the Build-a-PC Odyssey Webinar by Make That PC!

Embarking on a grand voyage into the realm of crafting custom PCs and seeking a treasure trove of assistance? If that’s the case, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination! Introducing the “Build-a-PC Odyssey Webinar” by Make That PC—a remarkable expedition designed to equip participants with all the essential knowledge for unleashing their PC’s utmost potential. Join us on December 20th, 2023, for an unforgettable immersion into the world of PC technology and personalization.

Unveiling the Mysteries of PC Construction Make That PC stands as your ultimate fountain of expertise, offering PC gear reviews, Windows tutorials, and updates on the latest tech trends, all crafted to enhance your PC journey. And now, we’re taking a leap forward with the introduction of the Build-a-PC Odyssey Webinar. From newcomers to seasoned experts, this webinar caters to all PC aficionados, offering invaluable insights and teachings. If your PC’s performance is satisfactory but falls short of perfection, this webinar is an opportunity not to be missed.

Why Enroll in Our Seminar?

Expert Guidance: During the seminar, our skilled PC builders will meticulously guide you through the entire process of assembling your customized PC. By the seminar’s end, you’ll possess the know-how and proficiency to independently create your PC masterpiece. Tailored Customization: Through our seminar, you’ll acquire the skills to select the ideal components for specific tasks.

This knowledge will enable effortless customization of your PC for diverse purposes like gaming and content creation. Enhanced Performance: Frustrated by your PC’s sluggishness? Look no further than our webinar, where you’ll unearth advanced techniques for fine-tuning and optimizing your PC’s performance.


Our experts will advise you on maximizing speed, consistency, and stability around the clock. Effective Troubleshooting: PC glitches are not uncommon. That’s why understanding troubleshooting and future-proofing strategies is paramount. Our webinar unveils essential techniques for overcoming common PC issues and staying ahead of technological progress. If your goal is to uphold and update your PC for years to come, this webinar is your prime opportunity.

The Webinar’s Agenda The Build-a-PC Odyssey Webinar delves into the essentials of PC construction: from component selection to meticulous fine-tuning, troubleshooting skills to future-proofing strategies, and more. Live demonstrations and interactive sessions are integral components of the event, ensuring you depart with the required skills and knowledge to construct your dream PC.

Meet Our Esteemed Speakers: Anshul Rana (Veteran PC Builder): Anshul, a seasoned PC builder with extensive hands-on experience, perceives crafting a PC as not merely handling technicalities but as a rewarding and empowering pursuit.

In the webinar, Anshul will expertly guide you through the entire process, unveiling advanced techniques and sharing insider tips to elevate your PC-building prowess. Mark Hachman (PC Customization Guru): Mark, a maestro of PC customization, has the power to revolutionize your perspective on PCs.


He’ll reveal the art of harnessing cutting-edge technology to craft a PC masterpiece tailored to your unique needs. From top-tier gaming rigs to content creation workhorses, Mark’s insights will unlock a realm of boundless possibilities.

Reserve Your Seat Today! Don’t let this extraordinary chance to unravel the secrets of custom PC construction and component selection slip through your fingers. Secure your spot now for Make That PC’s Build-a-PC Odyssey Webinar on December 20th, 2023. Join us for an immersive encounter that will forever reshape your perception of and interaction with your PC.

For additional details and webinar registration, please visit:

About Make That PC: Make That PC serves as your ultimate destination for expert PC gear evaluations, Windows tutorials, and staying attuned to the latest tech trends to amplify your PC journey. Committed to accuracy and user-friendly content, we strive to demystify intricate subjects and cater to users of all proficiency levels.

Address: Ontario P0H 1P0, Canada

For media inquiries, kindly contact: Anshul Rana – Founder of Make That PC Email:


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