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The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Online casinos



The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Online casinos

Online casinos, and even physical gambling establishments, are an example of one of the many industries that have benefited greatly from artificial intelligence (AI); from in the form of customized AI dealers to improved and sophisticated customer service bots. With AI capable of designing near-perfect games, there is no limit to the influence it can have on the gaming world.

What is artificial intelligence?

Most movies and series that focus on it usually portray AI as humanoid robots with thoughts, behaviors, personalities and emotions of their own. However, today we are still a long way from getting to that point.

Today, AI is applied in slightly more mundane things, such as self-driving cars, Amazon’s Alexa assistant, self-regulating air conditioners, or Google’s search algorithms. The AI we deal with on a daily basis is only capable of performing small tasks in a more precise and faster way than we, as humans, are capable of.

AI in casinos

Most people have already come into contact online with some form of AI; whether it’s a simple game against a machine or something like listening to a song that YouTube or Spotify’s algorithms have selected to add to your playlist.

Still, the use of AI, when it comes to some of the top online casinos in USA, divides opinions much more than its use in the environment of, for example, video games or playlists. Why? Well, simply put: because there is much more at stake when faced with the threat of losing money in real life than losing a simple game of League of Legends, for example.

AI and technology in general are developing so rapidly that laws and regulations don’t seem to be managing to keep up with them. And that is certainly a legitimate reason for concern. Online gaming can be expected to be one of the major industries using this technology.

So how is AI being implemented in the gaming industry? In what ways can it affect online gaming and what does the future hold?

How can AI affect online casinos?

There are several ways in which AI can impact online gaming. Here are some of them:

Catching cheaters

For many people, the most important or perhaps the most obvious way in which AI is going to affect online gaming is in terms of security. Spotting cheating players is one of the top priorities for establishments.

Nothing can spoil your casino experience more than losing to a cheater. While it may be difficult for a normal player to pick up on the behaviors and patterns of a cheater, it can be easy for an AI with the right information. There are sophisticated AI systems that offer enhanced security options, but not only casinos have access to them.

Another big problem facing security departments is credit card fraud. Fortunately, another strength of these sophisticated AI systems is being able to quickly and effectively detect fraudulent use of credit card data.

For example, if your profile shows that you usually play cheap games of a certain type, but suddenly your account starts making big bets at a poker table, the system will recognize that as unusual behavior, which can lead to the account being closed.

In cases like this, you would be notified of such behavior and asked to change your security information to prevent someone from tampering with your account again.

Fighting addiction with artificial intelligence

Gambling addiction is a very serious problem, there is no doubt about that. AI manages to analyze and detect behavioral patterns of various kinds, including those associated with addictive behavior.

If such patterns are detected, the AI can alert the gambler and offer the necessary tools and assistance to prevent a potential gambling addiction or to help him or her overcome it.

It is extremely important that we are all very aware of gambling addiction and avoid falling into it at all costs. Set your own limits on how much you can afford to spend and, most importantly, respect them!

There are even AI systems being developed specifically to help prevent gambling addiction. This is the case with PS-EDS (Player Safety Early Detection System), which imposes loss limits and automatic breaks to prevent players from getting too carried away.

Improved customer service

If you’ve ever had contact with an automated chat (most likely in the form of a website’s customer service), you’ll know that it’s not uncommon for it to give the wrong answers; useless at worst or funny at best. For that reason we usually prefer to have a real human being to talk to on the other end of the line.

That’s largely because most people can recognize and empathize with others and respond to them in a way that shows their contextual awareness and sensitivity to the problem at hand.

The use of AI in online establishments will help ensure that automated chats appear more human and are able to respond more accurately, thanks to continuous machine learning.

Perhaps the biggest impact will be felt in the speed with which complaints and queries can be dealt with. Machine learning algorithms manage to analyze and interpret data at a speed and scale that a human being would simply be incapable of.

Your game history, your billing preferences, scores, responses to ads… Everything will be handled by AI. That information and your data would then be used to determine how best to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

This type of high-quality customer service AI service may be coming much sooner than you can imagine. A study by Oracle showed that 78% of brands have already implemented it or plan to do so.

Future perspectives on AI in online casinos

We know that no one can predict the future with accuracy and online gambling is no exception. But it is always interesting to speculate about it.

AI continues to evolve day by day and is having an impact on industries around the world. One thing that is certain about online AI is that we can expect a simpler and more personalized experience because of it.

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