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Ryan Garcia Reportedly Failed a PED Test, Says WWE’s Logan Paul

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Ryan Garcia
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(CTN News) – A new chapter has been incorporated into the ongoing dialogue between Logan Paul and Ryan Garcia. This novel component was incorporated on Thursday. This dispute has persisted for an extended period of time prior to the present.

The psychoactive substance ostarine was present in Garcia’s B sample on April 20, which was obtained the day before and the day of his bout against Devin Haney. Garcia engaged in combat with Haney.

The following day, Ryan Garcia and Garcia were supposed to fight.

Ryan Garcia’s B sample was found to contain the substance, as per a report released on Thursday by Dan Rafael, an insider in the boxing industry. In the report, this information was specified.

Upon becoming aware of the situation, Paul immediately began posting a series of quips on his Instagram Stories that were intended to poke fun at Garcia.

The purpose of these quips was to tarnish Garcia’s reputation. These jokes were disseminated for a relatively limited period.

In addition, Paul posted a photograph of Ryan Garcia to his Instagram account, accompanied by the remark “cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater, and pumpkin eater.” This was yet another action that Paul took. Is it possible that this is a reference to the promotional film he produced for Friday Night SmackDown in January? In that film, he praised Kevin Owens with the same language. It is feasible that this could be perceived as an allusion to the video in issue.

Paul’s invitation to Ryan Garcia to participate in his podcast substantially enhanced his online visibility in 2019. Garcia’s online visibility was significantly enhanced by this critical factor. This specific element played a significant role in Garcia’s online visibility increase.

Garcia was in a state of hysteria in the moments preceding his meeting with Haney, during which he maintained that Logan, Jake Paul, and KSI were actually working for Satan. This occurred in the days imminent prior to the confrontation. Garcia was initially approached by Haney with the challenge.

Ryan Garcia pursued the Paul brothers and KSI once more in an effort to demonstrate that he had succeeded over each of them in their individual situations as a consequence of his success with Haney.

Prime, a sports and vitality drink, is produced and distributed by all three of them. He explicitly advised individuals to refrain from employing Prime in a post that was published on X. The concept for the Prime product was devised by them.

This individual believes that Prime is a product that should be avoided at all costs.

Ryan Garcia has asserted that he stomped on Paul during a previous grappling contest between the two. To further exacerbate the situation,

Ryan Garcia acknowledged that he had committed this act.

This contest would commence after a significant quantity of time had elapsed.

King Ryan may be subject to sanction and/or suspension from the New York State Athletic Commission as a result of the positive results of his drug test. This is due to the fact that the drug test results were positive.

His research on athletic competition was based on the New York State Athletic Commission.

Additionally, his triumph over Haney will be reversed to either a victory for Haney that was a no-contest or disqualified. It is feasible to achieve either of these results. This is feasible for both of these scenarios. It is feasible that both of these incidents may transpire.

Paul, the current defending champion of the United States, is preparing to face Cody Rhodes for the undisputed WWE championship in the main event of the King and Queen of the Ring premium live event on Saturday.

The event is scheduled to occur in the United States. The event will be held in the United States of America. The United States of America will serve as the event’s designated location.


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