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Google Family Sharing Lets Family Members Share Passwords

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(CTN News) – According to Android Authority, it was recently revealed that Google’s Password Manager can now be shared with members of the family, albeit in a limited capacity, in order to protect passwords against theft.

It is a brand new function that has been added to the program by Google which has been implemented throughout the course of the last few weeks.

As a result of the addition of this new function, you now have the capability to securely share your passwords with a significant number of members of your family group.

It should be noted that, prior to the implementation of this feature, Google Password Manager did not have the capability to perform this specific function.

The following statement may be found on a support website that Google has published: “When you share a password, your family members will receive a copy of it in their Google Password Manager, ready to be used.”

All members of the family are welcome to use the information provided here. This is the case, so they will not have trouble getting access to the password.

Despite the fact that Google announced the functionality for the very first time in February 2024 as part of Safer Internet Day,

May 2024 will see the release of Google Play Services version 24.20.

This update was released in May 2024. This new version was made available in May of 2024. Because password sharing is restricted to just those individuals who are members of a family group, you will be required to create a family group and invite any members to use it.

This is because the sharing of passwords is restricted to such individuals. This is due to the fact that the sharing of passwords is only permitted to those who are members of the same family group.

It is planned that Google Password Manager will provide you with a “share” option if you are a member of a family group for which you are responsible for managing your passwords.

Through this button, you will be able to share your password with another individual. Android Authority, on the other hand, stated that it is possible that the Chrome desktop capability has not yet been activated in its entirety.

This is something that is at least a possibility. Given this, it is possible that the feature is not operating at its full potential.

There are a handful of potential applications that could be found for this technology, a few of which have been highlighted by Google in an earlier post regarding the subject.

The following are a few examples of situations which could be taken into consideration if this technology were to be applied in the following manner: “two members of a family are coordinating with daycare via a single account, or a child is allowing their parents to access school assignments.”

It is evident that both of these scenarios could be considered when considering a possible application of this technology.


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