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Josh Allen And The Bills Stay Calm To Win A Close Game, But How?



Josh Allen

(CTN News) – Josh Allen consulted with Sean McDermott about first-and-10, the ball was on the Baltimore 11 with John Harbaugh having burned his second timeout. In the past, Allen might have rode his emotions up to his coach.

Not now, when Buffalo is about to accomplish what millions of people said it couldn’t. A quarterback said to his coach, “There is only one timeout left.”. “The game is over if we get the first down.”

McDermott remembers the moment Josh Allen knew

When Josh Allen said that, McDermott knew the game was over. The quarterback took that back to the huddle, and the Bills managed the final 1:50 of a 60-minute fight properly against the Ravens.

In the next few sections, we’ll get into exactly how Buffalo accomplished this, but what struck those on Buffalo’s sideline most was Josh Allen’s demeanor in the moment—and that he did this after making the breakneck plays he is known for to move Buffalo forward.

Dawson Knox caught a downfield touch throw on third-and-2 for 20 yards that gave the march a boost. To put the Bills in field goal range, Houdini escaped on a scramble play, then Khalil Shakir was hit against his body two plays later.

Through it all, Allen kept his head about him, so much so that he was taking the lead on clock management at the last minute. Ultimately, McDermott relinquished the role to him.

After leaving the stadium, McDermott said, “He’s such a competitor to get us into that situation in the first place.”. He is passionate about competition.

What I saw today, especially with Albert, was just how calm he was. The ball was in his hands, and he knew exactly what he wanted to do with it as we approached the goal line.”

He instructed Devin Singletary in the huddle to hit the deck when he felt Baltimore was letting him score (which Singletary did).

He then took the keeper off his guard on second-and-2 from the 3, effectively hitting the deck at the 1. All the Bills needed were two kneel-downs and a chip shot to win 23-20.

Both the Bills and Josh Allen had a lot riding on this game. In addition to achieving silence, they also managed to give hope to their remaining doubters. Three and four months from now, it will serve them well because of Allen’s calm.

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