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Is Cristiano Ronaldo Leaving Manchester United?

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Is Cristiano Ronaldo Leaving Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Old Trafford, and he started a bit slow, but the team is not really helping. The Portuguese is throwing his weight behind the team, but even so, the Red Devils are not getting back on their feet.

They won’t win any titles this season, and they already have a new manager for next season. Erik Ten Hag will be the new manager of the club. Surely there will be a heavy investment to renew the team and to get rid of players who have not performed; the doubt remains whether Cristiano Ronaldo will stay or not.

But wherever he goes, the team that has him will be a serious candidate to win a trophy. You can read more about Betway India here where you can find the best sites and the best odds to bet with confidence.

So far there is a lot of speculation about where Cristiano Ronaldo could go, from the logical to the unthinkable, but if the transfer market has taught us anything it is that nothing is impossible. Let’s take a look at the different possibilities for the Portuguese.

Manchester United

Yes, it is a possibility, let me explain. The team’s management is reorganizing everything, from the technical direction to the medical services.

The main idea is to keep Ronaldo, who, like all good wines, improves with age.

They want to offer him a 100% competitive team that will fight for the Premier League. Let’s remember that this was one of the striker’s requests when he arrived at the team. Win trophies. This year they are not going to win anything, and that has Cristiano Ronaldo at the exit door.

In the Manchester United offices, they don’t want to let him go; that’s why Erik Ten Hag has the task of talking to the international star to present his project and convince him to stay. But there is a problem, Manchester United could be out of the Champions League and that is unacceptable for Cristiano; that would be a reason for his departure.

Bayern Munich

Playing in the Bundesliga would be a new adventure and challenge for Ronaldo, who loves to prove that he is the best wherever he plays. With the possible departure of Lewandowski, the centre forward position will be available, and the Bavarian giants would have the captain of the Portugal national team in their sights.

Sportingly, there would be no problem. Bayern fight for all the championships they play for, and it would certainly be another opportunity to win a league in another country and the tournament he likes the most, the Champions League.

The situation here is that Bayern would not want to pay such a high fee. Reports indicate that they would ask the player to lower his salary a little in order to join the German multi-champions. This would be something that Cristiano Ronaldo would not be willing to do because he always wants to be the best paid wherever he goes.


A return to Serie A seems impossible, and especially to a team like Roma that is in the doldrums. But his relationship with José Mourinho would make Cristiano Ronaldo consider the possibility.

Sportingly there might be a possibility, because the team from the Italian capital is close to the Champions League, and it could probably be attractive for El Comandante to come to a team that plays in the European Cup and make them great. A challenge like the ones he likes.

But once again, the problem is money. Roma doesn’t have the means to cover CR7’s fees. His good relationship with Mou might bring him closer, but this is where negotiations would become very complicated and maybe even impossible.


It may be a long shot, but all football fans would love to see Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo together, even if it’s in the latter part of their careers.

The possible departure of Mbappe opens up a possibility and a space in the team, and there is money in the French capital. His salary would be covered and even with a raise. Sportingly, there is no problem with the squad they have; they can be champions of everything.

Maybe Zidane will come to the team, and in the French dressing room, there are a lot of ex-teammates who like him and know him. The problem would be Messi.

We explain, that although in recent years they have paid each other a lot of compliments, there is still a rivalry in individual triumphs. Neither of them would like to share the spotlight, but they know they don’t have much time left and a partnership between the two would be almost a formula for winning it all.

For the football world to see the pair together would be a delight, but they would have to be convinced.

Where would Cristiano Ronaldo fit in and where would you like to see him?

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