Astronomers Have Introduced The World’s Largest Digital LSST Camera
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Astronomers have Introduced the World’s Largest Digital LSST Camera



Astronomers have Introduced the World’s Largest Digital LSST Camera

(CTN News) – The world’s largest digital camera has been unveiled at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in California. In 2024, it’ll be installed at the Vera C. Rubin Observatory on Cerro Pachón in Chile.

LSST (Legacy Survey of Space and Time) will catalogue about 20 billion galaxies in the Andes over the next 10 years.

LSST Camera will collect dozens of terabytes of data every night, helping researchers figure out the nature of dark matter and how galaxies form.

About LSST Camera – The World’s Largest Digital Camera

There’s nothing special about the LSST Camera; it just works like any other digital camera. Its 189 sensors convert light from objects like stars into electrical signals that can be converted into digital pictures.

world's largest digital camera

world’s largest digital camera

There are four sensors, each about 42 millimetres long, and each has more pixels than an iPhone 13.

A 3.2 gigapixel LSST camera will take images with enough resolution to see a dust particle on the moon. With a diameter of 1.57 metres, its biggest lens is the largest of its kind.

Vincent Riot, LSST Camera’s project manager, said the camera’s sensors were expensive to make, and misalignments could easily damage them, so assembling them was like parking Lamborghinis millimetres apart.

SLAC researchers tested the sensors in 2020 by taking pictures of various objects, including a head of Romanesco broccoli, through a pinhole before installing any lenses or shutters.

worlds largest 901482 scaled 1

After all the permanent pieces are in place, Riot says the LSST camera will be rigorously tested for five months to avoid troubleshooting it once it’s on top of a mountain.

On to Santiago, Chile, where it will be transferred to a train car and sent to the top of Cerro Pachón, where we’ll get a bird’s eye view of the universe.

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