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Signs Your Immune System is Weak – Tips on How to Boost it?

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Our body is made up of 11 important systems that play independent roles in keeping our body healthy and running. One of these systems is the immune system. The primary role of this system is to shield our body against the persistent, pesky bacteria that attack the body from time to time. This virus weakens your body and makes it more prone to injuries and ailments. So, your immune system acts as a gatekeeper that decides what can enter your body and what is meant to stay out. But the immune system is strong, viruses and bacteria stay away, but when the immune system is weak, the floodgates are open for them.

Signs of weak immunity

Weak immunity is not a permanent thing and can be boosted with simple steps. Some people cure it with immune-boosting supplements. These pills work wonderfully to gain back a balance in your system. Some common tell-tale signs that help you identify if you have weak immunity and you need to take pills are mentioned below.

Frequent tummy ache and diarrhea

Have you been identified for having typhoid fever many times? or are you constantly running to doctors often to treat your diarrhea? If you can relate to these symptoms along with frequent constipation, it may be a sign of a weakened immune. This happens because your gut has a huge role in balancing your overall immunity. The healthy intestinal microorganisms help in protecting the gut against infection as it sends required signals to the immune system, especially to the white blood cells. But when these healthy microbes are less in number or get destroyed, bad microbes increase in quantity, this irritates the gut and leads to tummy aches and diarrhea. The gut is not able to send the necessary signals and this weakens the immune system. Read more about the health blog here.

Feeling constantly tired

Even when you are taking every possible measure to stay active and refreshed yet you feel exhausted most of the time, this may be a sign of weak immunity. Good sleep or following your hobby, nothing seems to work and you feel tired by the mid of the day, that might be your immune system struggling.

Easily catch cold and cough

If you get a cough, a cold, runny nose, or catch flu more than two times a year, this may be a sign that you have weak immunity and you may need to work on strengthening it. Various types of bacteria and viruses cause common colds and coughs. One commonest virus is the rhinovirus and at best, your body is capable enough to fight them off when infected, with no symptoms. The same is the case with bacteria causing coughs. But when you have a weakened immune state, the body is unable to meet the constant demand for white blood cells. This leads to the catchy respiratory symptoms mentioned above.

Tips to stay healthy

  • Maintain good hygiene
  • Add immune system boosters to your diet
  • Take nutrient-rich diet
  • Take necessary vaccines
  • Consult a doctor, if required

These are some signs that you have weak immunity. Try out these tips to boost your immunity.


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