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U.S. House Vote To End The COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement For Foreign Air Travelers



U.S. House Vote To End The COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement For Foreign Air Travelers

(CTN NEWS) – According to Majority Leader Steve Scalise on Friday, a bill that would repeal the mandate that the majority of foreign Air Travelers receive the COVID-19 vaccination will be put to the vote in the U.S. House of Representatives the following week.

The Biden administration repealed the COVID-19 testing requirement for visitors arriving by air in June, although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) immunization regulations remain in place.

With certain restricted exceptions, adult foreign travelers who are neither citizens nor permanent residents of the United States are currently required to present proof of immunization before boarding their aircraft.

U.S. House Vote To End The COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement For Foreign Air Travelers

Republican Representative Thomas Massie introduced legislation to eliminate the vaccination requirement.

“The CDC’s unscientific requirement has been severing too many people from their families for excessive time. It should be over, “He tweeted this.

The CDC advises that all travelers get vaccinated since it believes immunizations are still the most effective public health measure against COVID-19. Friday, the CDC declined to comment right away.

The U.S. Travel Association stated on Thursday that it has “long advocated the repeal of this restriction” and “sees no reason to wait until the public health emergency’s May expiration – particularly while potential tourists are planning spring and summer travel.”

According to the group, “the only country that still has this need for foreign visitors when there is no longer any public health basis” is the United States.

After a judge ruled that mask regulations on flights were illegal, they were relaxed last year.

However, as COVID infections soared in China in December, the United States mandated negative COVID-19 test criteria for the majority of passengers from China.


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